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Kill Bill 3: Quentin Tarantino imagines Uma Thurman & daughter Maya Hawke as The Bride & B.B. 'on the run'

By Vanessa Armstrong
Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke

Quentin Tarantino is making the interview rounds to promote the novelization of his movie Once Upon a Time on Hollywood, and along the way he dropped some intriguing news about who the writer/director would cast if he does get around to making a third Kill Bill installment.  

During a 173-minute conversation with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience, Tarantino confirmed that he’s still mulling over the idea of doing Kill Bill 3, something he’s been pondering for years.

“Revisiting the characters 20 years later, just imagining The Bride and her daughter, B.B., having 20 years of peace,” Tarantino said, after Rogan asked him if he had any ideas for a potential third film. “And that peace is shattered, and The Bride and B.B. are on the run.”

Uma Thurman starred in the first two Kill Bill movies as the katana-wielding Bride. B.B. didn't show up until 2004’s Kill Bill: Volume 2, and was played by a young Perla Haney-Jardine. Tarantino's further comments, however, suggest he'd cast someone else as B.B. “The idea of being able to cast Uma and cast her daughter, Maya," he said. "The thing would be f***ing exciting."

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Tarantino was referencing Maya Hawke, Uma’s real-life daughter with actor Ethan Hawke. Maya is an actor in her own right, and is best known for playing the ice cream-scooping Robin Buckley on Netflix’s Stranger Things. She was also in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood as one of Charles Manson’s followers.

While Tarantino doesn’t explicitly state it, his comments imply that he would cast Hawke as B.B., The Bride’s daughter. That would mean that Thurman and Hawke — who have a real-life mother-daughter relationship — would play fictional mother-daughter roles in a tale that would likely not be as cheery as the ending of Kill Bill: Volume 2 might suggest, when The Bride (aka Mommy) and B.B. drive off into the sunset together. 

This is all hypothetical, of course — Tarantino hasn’t committed to a third Kill Bill movie, and has said previously that he only wants to do 10 films before retiring. The two-time Oscar-winner currently has nine films under his belt, though one could argue that Kill Bill 3 could be the third act of one epic film.