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SYFY WIRE Reginald the Vampire

Exclusive: Jacob Batalon retracts his ‘Reginald the Vampire' fangs to hang with Big Bird on ‘Sesame Street’

He might be a vampire, but Batalon’s a model of good behavior while chilling on the ‘Sesame Street’ set.

By Benjamin Bullard
Jacob Batalon Sesame Street

We don’t know who told him how to get there, but Jacob Batalon has found his way to Sesame Street. For the titular star of Reginald the Vampire, dropping in on the classic kids’ show marks a definite departure from the SYFY series’ comedically dark underworld of immortality. No worries, though: With or without fangs, Batalon’s getting the full welcome mat treatment from Big Bird, doing the honors as the newest celebrity presenter for Sesame Street’s word of the day.

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Though Batalon and Big Bird have something in common (Jacob grew up in Hawaii; ‘Bird has an avian aunt who lives there), we watched Batalon’s Sesame Street segment anxious for Count von Count to pop in to swap some sweet vampire secrets with an actor in the know. But it’s a word segment; not a numbers one — so alas! The Count must’ve stayed in his coffin this time (not to mention Batalon’s visit happened outdoors in the daytime…which can’t be good for the Count’s skin).

Check it out:

Yep, it’s just two pals keeping it real by the stoop, with Batalon talking “culture” — the word of the day — while filling Big Bird in on his family's Filipino heritage. Vampire or not, no polite guest shows up without a gift, and the Spider-Man star comes prepared with a tray loaded with ube pandesal — purple yam pastry noms that the Sesame gang (especially Cookie Monster) can henceforth call to their Muppet minds as a traditional Filipino snack.

Hey, it’s all about education, right? True to his mission, Batalon fills Big Bird’s brain with some fun cultural facts about his family's native Philippines. But it turns out ‘Bird’s a pretty smart cookie himself, needing no explanation (thanks to that Hawaiian aunt!) when Batalon tries to school him on the meaning of “aloha.”

While Batalon says aloha to his Sesame Street pals, we already know where to find him next. Catch new episodes of Reginald the Vampire at 10 p.m. ET each Wednesday on SYFY, and catch up anytime with past episodes from the show’s first season with the SYFY app.