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Report: Far From Home writers back for third Spider-Man, Marvel vying for director

By Jacob Oller
Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man’s tangled web has only gotten more industry creatives caught in its snare. Disney and Sony’s divorce over the superhero character, partially spurred on by the Marvel owner’s push for a bigger slice Sony films’ profits, has thrown the hero into turmoil — and now those behind the camera are being thrust into the chaos. 

Peter Parker himself, actor Tom Holland, has been holding the company line in the aftermath. He was both tight-lipped and seemingly loyal to the House of Mouse at the company’s big industry showcase D23, appearing in support of the upcoming Pixar film Onward. Yet, as much as Holland’s fate is in flux, so too are those of the people who’ve written and directed his Spider-Man films. Deadline reports that director Jon Watts, who tackled both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, isn’t contractually obligated to continue with the series’ third entry at Sony.

A third Spider-Man movie, already pitched and (as per Deadline) coming from the same scribes that handled Homecoming and Far From Home, might lose Watts if he opts to stay with Disney and Marvel possibly pursuing other projects in the wake of the kerfuffle. Watts had a two-Spidey deal, but is being courted away from the franchise by Marvel, unlike writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers. That means Watts could pick the juggernaut MCU over the up-start Sony Spider-verse, choosing the universe over the superhero.

The report also reaffirmed that Disney was asking to spike its share of the profits (and financial investment) for Kevin Feige-associated Spidey adventures from 5 percent to 25 percent — a tough stance considering that Far From Home is now Sony’s biggest-ever hit. It seems unlikely the two companies will find common ground anytime soon, which means the roster of talent behind the films will need to pick sides. If Marvel gets custody of Watts in this messy battle, which superhero should he tackle next?