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Did You Know Resident Alien Star Alice Wetterlund Did Stand-Up? Watch Some of Her Set!

Wetterlund takes aim at "judgmental" birds in a recent stand-up set.

By Brian Silliman
Reginald and Resident Alien Collide: Vampires vs. Aliens

D’arcy Bloom may have begun as the resident bartender on SYFY’s Resident Alien, but she’s been searching for something more. The queen of barbs and jabs is no stranger to consuming a lot of alcohol, but she wants to change that behavior. That hasn’t affected her wit, which is skillfully deployed by actress Alice Wetterlund

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The masterful comedic timing that Wetterlund brings to the character doesn’t come out of nowhere; she is a stand-up comedian as well as an actress. She has a versatility that certainly plays a part in enriching D’arcy’s presence on the show. 

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The actress posted part of one of her recent stand-up shows on Instagram Wednesday, where she appears to be standing onstage at the Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Texas, where she performed in early May. "You guys have birds here and they're like really — I mean speaking of judgmental," Wetterlund jokes, "At my hotel, I'll walk out of my room and these birds are like [makes horrendous bird noise]. Like literally, like, 'Is that what you're wearing?' I asked my friend. They're called grackles? Like what the f-ck, are you kidding me? ... They're really called that? Who got to name the birds — the Crypt-Keeper?"

Watch ‘Resident Alien’ Star Alice Wetterlund Do Stand-Up:

In an earlier special taped last year at the Gothic Theater in Denver, Wetterlund joked about society’s slow progress when it comes to women’s rights, something that D’arcy herself might joke about. 

“The older you get, the more confident you are, the wiser you get... and I also love as I age, I actually become less attractive to serial killers,” Wetterlund says in the special. “It’s a perk, you know?” She goes on to talk about how the term “Peeping Tom” should change, and that maybe violence against women should actually be taken seriously. One of the terms she suggests is “Punching Paul.” 

She went on to joke about how she once ran after a stalker, but was dressed the same way he was, in a black hoodie. “So if I caught up to him, it would look like I just wanted to intern,” she said. “Hey, wanted to see if I could break into this, get some Peeping Tammy’s in there.” 

Alice Wetterlund

She brings up her own alcoholism in the same special, another subject that directly relates to D’arcy. 

“I stopped drinking in 2016...” she says, adding, “... wrong year to stop.” She goes into more detail, saying, “I was a messy drunk, I had to clean up my act, basically I was getting drunk and punching people who weren’t Nazis.” 

How did she feel about alcohol while she was active? “Oh, it’s like my best friend, it’s the only thing I trust,” she said of her drinking days. When a friend asked if she drank every day, she joked about responding, “Oh yeah, but only because I need to.” 

Her routines obviously deal with serious subject matter, but Wetterlund is able to find the humor beneath the horror, especially when it comes from her own personal experiences. Her dark comedy comes from a real place, and it doesn’t punch down. She doesn’t mock others, she mocks herself more than anyone else, save for when it comes to the very obvious shortcomings of societal norms. 

Her sketch comedy appearances have been a little different, with one of her more memorable appearances being a fake commercial in the MTV series Girl Code. The commercial was selling a cure for diarrhea. The sketch stands out, but it’s hardly her only contribution to the show. Still a prolific comedian and podcaster to this day, Wetterlund balances it all with her acting work. Her own personal sense of humor, even when it comes from dark places, can’t help but inform her work on Resident Alien

The third season of Resident Alien is set to premiere later this year. To catch up on the first two seasons of Resident Alien, stream them now on Peacock.