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SYFY WIRE Riverdale

Riverdale parodied yet again, this time by Samantha Bee in anti-vax takedown

By Jacob Oller
Samantha Bee Riverdale

Riverdale has long been the source of parody, with the “Archie but dark and steamy” show’s tone being ripe for fun sketches. There was an anti-drug PSA, a sexy Peanuts version from The Tonight Show, and SNL’s corpse-filled satire. Now, there’s a new version of The CW’s famous comic adaptation from TBS’ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

This parody focuses on the show’s hyper-serious take on teenage rebellion and how its adults are often mixed up in some messed-up things that their offspring must address. It’s been true in the third season, which finds a cult dominating the town while the Gargoyle King reigns. So it makes sense that the kids would have to save the day in the parody, too — even when it’s simply focused on getting vaccinated.

Take a look:

Dubbed “Full Fronterdale,” the parody has its version of Archie explain that he doesn’t want to die of tuberculosis, but in a more normal way, like via cult. Jughead does his reporting while the rest of the kids discuss how hot it is to be a rebel. Just like normal Riverdale, right?

The real show is closing out its third season, which will end on May 15, and it already has a fourth on the way, though some rewrites may be necessary to deal with the tragic passing of star Luke Perry.

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