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SYFY WIRE Rod Serling

Rod Serling documentary explores The Twilight Zone's social commentary in this sneak peek

By Josh Weiss

We all know that The Twilight Zone is one of the best pieces of television ever produced, but how much do you know about its creator and host, Rod Serling? Sure, Serling — cigarette in hand — was a fixture on every episode, but aside from his crisp suits and trademark narration, many fans don't know much about the man behind the legendary twist endings.

To celebrate the show's 60th anniversary this fall, Fathom Events and CBS Home Entertainment are bringing six iconic episodes to the big screen on Thursday, Nov. 14. As an added bonus, the special, one-night screenings will be accompanied by a short documentary titled Remembering Rod Serling. This film takes a peek into the life of the World War II veteran and writer from Syracuse, New York who changed the face of TV as we know it.

In this exclusive clip from the documentary, Bill D'Elia (producer of shows like Boston Legal and How to Get Away with Murder) discusses Serling's genius ability to perfectly deconstruct social issues (race, paranoia, bigotry ... you name it) through the lenses of science fiction and horror.

The Twilight Zone

The six episodes to hit theaters will be “Walking Distance" (1959), “Time Enough at Last" (1959), "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” (1960), “Eye of the Beholder" (1960), "The Invaders" (1961), and “To Serve Man" (1962).

“The incredible mind of Rod Serling led to some of the most indelible moments ever created for television, and selecting these episodes was both a great pleasure and a responsibility we took seriously, knowing how much the series means to generations of fans,” Ken Ross, CBS Home Entertainment executive VP and general manager, said in a statement when the 60th anniversary event was first announced in late September.

The Twilight Zone has inspired many filmmakers and storytellers, so it is a great honor to be able to bring these classic stories to the big screen, and to offer such an incisive look into the mind of the man who created them," added Fathom CEO Ray Nutt.

Tickets for the Nov. 14 screenings can be purchased right here.