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That Avatar Font Returns in Ryan Gosling's Hilarious "Papyrus II" SNL Sketch That Was Cut For Time

SNL alum Kyle Mooney revived his role as Avatar's "lazy" designer in the cinematic sequel from Gosling's April 13 episode. 

Actor and singer Ryan Gosling's April 13 Saturday Night Live episode was a strong one from start to finish, from the "Close Encounter" cold open with Kate McKinnon to his hysterically funny turn as a Beavis lookalike. Gosling dazzled, and The Fall Guy star shares the same quality that makes Adam Driver and Emma Stone such excellent SNL Hosts: Equally adept at comedy and drama, he brings every ounce of his Oscar-nominated acting talent to sell a sketch's conceit. The show was so packed, in fact, that SNL dropped an additional cut-for-time digital short hours after air: "Papyrus 2," co-starring former cast member Kyle Mooney. 

Papyrus 2 is the sequel to Papyrus, a short from Gosling's September 30, 2017 episode. As in the original, Gosling's character, a man in wire-rimmed glasses and a drab ponytail, is haunted by the one thing: The fact that the logo designer for James Cameron's Avatar, "one of the most expensive movies in history, used Papyrus as its logo." 

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In the April 13 pretaped sketch, the man was now healing, with the help of a support group and learning to "avoid triggers," such as a poorly-designed flyer. He'd even started dating a special lady (Sarah Sherman). But when he discovers the film's sequel, 2022's Avatar: The Way of Water, he is thrown into a fresh tailspin. Eventually, we learn the family secret behind the man's font mania. 

Ryan Gosling in a sketch during Saturday Night Live Episode 1861 on April 13th, 2024.

Ryan Gosling and Kyle Mooney face off in SNL's "Papyrus 2"

Gosling's character was in the dentist chair when he saw the sequel for the first time. "All my progress, all my work about to be undone when I see that title," he narrated. At first, he was heartened by what appeared to be a new direction with the sequel's logo design; gone was the original Papyrus.

"Again, not a huge improvement, but it made me feel like there was hope in the world," he said, as violin strains swelled over footage of Gosling smiling in bed. "Like maybe, if we raise our voice, change can happen."

But that all changed when he opened a Word doc and pieced it all together. 

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"He just put it on bold," he narrated, now searching out the logo's designer on IMDB. "All the money in the world, and he just...put it in bold."

Ryan Gosling in a sketch during Saturday Night Live Episode 1861 on April 13th, 2024.

That's when "Papyrus II" pulled a shocking reveal, and one that led to an even bigger reveal as Gosling told the logo designer (Mooney) why his entire life has been defined by bad font choices.

Watch the sketch above, and watch Saturday Night Live at 11:30/10:30c on NBC and Peacock, streaming the next day on Peacock.