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The Aliens Are Back as Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon Reunited for SNL's Latest "Close Encounter" Sketch

Gosling and McKinnon's alien abductees were back in fine form during SNL's April 13 cold open. 

When Ryan Gosling's April 13 Saturday Night Live episode was first announced, you wouldn't be blamed for wondering if he'd revive characters from his previous two SNLs, as Kristen Wiig did on April 6. If so, your wish came true — twice, in fact — and Gosling and company wasted no time doing it. This week's cold open hit pause on politics, instead starting with a brand-new installment of his recurring "Close Encounters" sketches with Kate McKinnon. And McKinnon and Gosling's alien abductee characters remain an iconic duo. 

The "Close Encounter" cold open found Sarah Sherman taking on the role of the third abductee following Cecily Strong's departure from the show, and we learn that all three were on a camping trip when they were taken aboard. 

"And Sir, before we begin, may I say something?" Gosling's character, Todd, told the authorities interviewing them (Bowen Yang and Mikey Day). "I'm just realizing that I was wearing the same outfit the last time I was here. I just want you to know, I do have other clothes."

With continuity issues out of the way, the trio shared their stories. While two of the friends had a joyous time, becoming "citizens of the stars," as usual, McKinnon's character Colleen Rafferty had quite the divergent experience.

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Kate McKinnon, Ryan Gosling, and Sarah Sherman during the "Close Encounter" Cold Open on Saturday Night Live Episode 1861, on April 13, 2024.

Ryan Gosling and Kate McKinnon's newest "Close Encounter" went a little different this time

McKinnon's weary Ms. Rafferty somehow found a fresh array of nicknames for her body parts as she recounted the probing she—and apparently, the aliens—have grown used to. 

"I don't know...their heart wasn't in it. I saw one of them do this," she said, offering a cringe and a wave away. "Like, 'I'm good, you can have my turn.' Anyway, that's when Todd here showed up."

When asked why, as Todd described it, the aliens reacted "like middle schoolers meeting Taylor Swift," he offered a theory: "These things, they're...smooth down there."

Several double-entendre jokes later, the SNL audience howled as McKinnon crawled between Gosling's legs to reenact the aliens' investigation of his anatomy. 

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"One guy, he tried to wear it like a hat," McKinnon continued, squeezing in there to demonstrate amid her narrated series of flicks and batting hands. Gosling (mostly) managed to keep it together beneath the brim of his cap. 

Watch the "Close Encounter" cold open from Gosling's April 13 SNL above. 

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Gosling appeared in Close Encounter sketches in both of his prior SNL episodes, and there were additional sketches starring Hosts Brie Larson and Casey Affleck. Watch several below. 

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