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SYFY WIRE Green Lantern

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day & gin, Ryan Reynolds watches Green Lantern for the first time and has…opinions

By Vanessa Armstrong
Ryan Reynolds - Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter Wednesday night to live tweet something he’s never done before: watch Green Lantern, the 2011 movie he starred in and has religiously panned for the last decade.

Reynolds decided to finally watch the poorly received DC film in order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League (which he is NOT appearing in as Green Lantern himself), and to promote his liquor company, Aviation Gin.

Based on his tweets, this was genuinely his first time watching the movie, although he has spent plenty of time making fun of the film in the years since. Reynolds arguably might not have even known all the plot points when he was making Green Lantern, as he claims he only read his parts of the script.

Reynolds had particular words for Parallax — the CGI monstrosity that was the embodiment of fear in the film. In Green Lantern, Parallax went around murdering folks by sucking up their life force via their fear until Reynolds' character took care of him. He was a scary bad guy, for sure, but nothing compared to the year that was 2020. (Warning, NSFW language below!)

The CGI suit slapped on Reynolds in Green Lantern didn’t escape his ire either. He spent a tweet commenting on Peter Sarsgaard's practical makeup for the character Hector Hammond, who had a large mutated head that gave him the power of telekinesis. “They spent 6 hrs each day turning Peter Sarsgaard’s head into an over-inflated beach ball,” he lamented. “But the GL suit is a onesie made from old Frogger pixels.”

Digs at the movie aside, Reynolds also tweeted that the cast and crew were incredible, although he concedes the actors were “not always used in the right way.” He ended his live-tweet by admitting that watching Green Lantern wasn’t too bad: “While it’s not perfect, it ain’t a tragedy,” he tweeted. “Next time I won’t wait a decade to watch.”

Green Lantern isn’t streaming anywhere, but you can catch Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max on March 18.