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Does Duplass brothers’ Sasquatch doc suggest Bigfoot may just be murderously into weed?

By Vanessa Armstrong

A lot of crazy s*** happens in Northern California, and one of them — according to some locals — is a murderous Bigfoot. That’s the premise of Sasquatch, at least, a Hulu three-part documentary produced by the Duplass brothers (Room 104).

The docuseries follows journalist David Holthouse, who returns to a cannabis farm in Northern California 25 years after he heard a story that chills him to this day: on a nearby dope farm, three men were torn to pieces, supposedly in a brutal Bigfoot attack.

In the newly released trailer below, Holthouse digs into this mystery and appears to uncover more than just an excessively aggressive cryptid. In the two-minute clip, we see Holthouse talking with locals, who he says have a deeper belief in supernatural forces than other places; local law enforcement, who shares that the area has the highest rate of missing person cases in the United States; and Sasquatch believers, who may or may not believe that the hairy-footed monster can teleport.

You can check out the trailer in its entirety here:

Is Bigfoot responsible for the missing people or is something less fantastical going on here? The trailer only teases potential answers, but it seems that some of the NorCal locals, who grow some of the best weed in the (up until recently) illegal business and who Holthouse describes as “hippies listening to the Grateful Dead but packing an AR-15,” might be hiding more than meets the eye.

All three episodes of the Sasquatch documentary drop on Hulu on April 20.

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