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SDCC 2019: IT: Chapter Two trailer breakdown


You'll float again when IT: Chapter Two unleashes its reign of terror and red balloons this October, and SYFY WIRE's Jordan Carlos, Jackie Jennings and Adam Swiderski are all here for it at SDCC.

Pennywise obviously never perished. There wouldn't be a Chapter Two if the clown had really gone down. If you read the book, you know things, but say you're approaching this from just having watched the first movie. This thing has to feed every 27 years. Seeing it emerge to feed again after the Losers Club thought they'd destroyed it means it takes more than they thought to kill an evil entity that has been eating the fears of kids in Derry for years. Decades. Possibly centuries.

This isn’t the end for the kids of IT. While they have now grown up, they keep reappearing in nightmarish flashbacks. It isn't even the end for Georgie, whose undead form will probably make you cringe whenever you see a yellow raincoat.

The adults aren't immune to the powers of Pennywise, either, as a blood-soaked Jessica Chastain reveals in what could pass for a total Carrie redux. Originally less blood was supposed to be used in that scene, but Chastain wanted to channel Sissy Spacek and go all out.

By the way, there was a record amount of fake blood used in this movie (talk about bizarre records to break), but what do you expect to keep appearing in something that crawled out of the mind of Stephen King, confetti and rainbows? We've already got balloons.

Then there's the dinner party scene where someone is obviously missing. That empty chair ... you know whose it is and what happened to that character if you read that behemoth of a book. You're probably in for a shock if you didn't. Will there be normally edible things turning into disembodied eyeballs and other atrocities right on the plate? Gods of horror, please say yes.

Watch on if you think you're not going to get nightmares…

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.