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Rounding up all of the new trailers that debuted at SDCC

By Brian Silliman
Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Picard)

One of the best places to get a look at new trailers for both movies and television is San Diego Comic-Con. 2019 has been no different, with exciting new trailers popping up on the daily.

Can't be at the con in person? Not a problem— you can still watch the trailers. And we're making it even easier for you by gathering all of the new trailers in one place. That place, of course, is right here. From It: Chapter Two to His Dark Materials, we've got it all.

As the convention picks up steam all weekend, we'll continue to update this list as more trailers continue to be added to the pile of riches. So get comfortable and get watching!


A jellicle trailer for jellicle moviegoers! Though it didn't technically debut AT the Con, it did drop on Day 1, and it's just too... unique not to mention. The trailer was like the shot heard round the world — once it hit, it was all anyone could talk about. Some instantly declared the motion-captured cat/human creatures as instant nightmare fuel, and others... well... mostly people just said the first thing that popped into their mind, loudly, and all day long. It is a bit unsettling to see Taylor Swift become something out of an Avatar sequel, but the trailer also shows Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Judi Dench clearly having a good time and not caring what anyone thinks. When you add in hearing a bit of Jennifer Hudson's rendition of the classic "Memory" into the mix, you officially have our jellicle interest. Haters beware: Starlight Express could be next. 


The trailer for this Shudder original series has us, well, shuddering. Coming from Greg Nicotero (based off of the films by Stephen King and George Romero), the trailer promises twelve "terrifying tales" that will involve ghosts, dollhouses, Nazis, Tricia Helfer, and everything in between. It looks like a horrifying romp and we're into it. 

Ducktales — Season 2

This show is already great, but this trailer gives us a good look at both Gizmoduck (voiced by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Magica DeSpell (Doctor Who veteran Catherine Tate), so we're even more ready for a full on duck-blur. Adding in the new information that almost all of the characters from the Disney Afternoon will appear at some point (those from Darkwing Duck, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, etc) just makes it all the better. For Who fans, what more do you need to know than Scrooge vs. Magica is actually going to be David Tennant vs. Tate, his former Who companion? Woohoo!

His Dark Materials

We've gotten a few looks at the BBC and HBO's epic adaptation of Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy, but nothing as big as this. Here, we finally get to see the epic scope of the series, but we also hear some of the characters speak for the first time. James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, James Cosmo, and Dafne Keen all get their moments to shine — and oh yeah, we also get a great look at Lorek Byrnison, an armored polar bear. 

The Expanse — Season 4

Man, it is seriously great to be reunited with the crew of the Rocinante. What have they gotten into since last we saw them? A whole heap of trouble, it looks like, which is just about right. Not only do we get to check in with our main foursome, we also catch glimpses of Bobbie Draper and Camina Drummer too— as well as a terrifying look at a new character, played by the always welcome Burn Gorman. Also, hardly a minute of the teaser passes before we get some quality swearing from Chrisjen Avasarala, so all is right with the world. Remember the Cant! 

It: Chapter Two

Are you ready for more Pennywise? We hope so, because he's back in this new trailer and he's creepier than ever. Not only do you get more Pennywise with this trailer, you get the adult versions of all of the main characters from It: Chapter One. Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and the rest of the adult Losers are all put through the ringer here, and a screaming Beverly completely covered in blood has us cowering in utter horror. 

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Get ready to dive back into Kevin Smith's interconnected View Askew universe! The "Bluntman and Chronic" movie from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is getting a reboot in his fictitious world, so of course Jay and Silent Bob are going to get in on the action. Many View Askew stalwarts pop up here (Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee), as well as Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek from the first film, who are not very happy about the reboot. They've been replaced with Val Kilmer and Melissa Benoist, and yep, that alone has us sold. 

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — End of Season 6

There are only four episodes left in the penultimate season of this Marvel sensation, and we want to savor every one of them. On the other hand, this trailer makes us want to down all four eps as quickly as possible. Promising intriguing answers to the Coulson/Sarge storyline (as well as the overall mysteries of Season 6), we are already on the edge of our seats. What exactly is the deal here? We have no idea, but we trust that our favorite agents will be able to figure it out. 

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power — Season 3

The third season of this hotly anticipated Netflix gem sees Adora, Glimmer, and Bow going on a quest in the Crimson Waste. That's where they come across Huntara, who is voiced by none other than Geena Davis. This trailer gives us our first taste of what we can expect from Davis in the role, and makes us even more excited for this new season than we already were. For the honor of Greyskull! 

Snowpiercer (TV)

We almost didn't think this one would actually happen, but here we are! After some...ah...train delays, it looks like the television version of this story is finally on the right track. Once again, we find the only survivors of mankind traveling through a frozen wasteland on a train. The train's rich survive thanks to suffering of the train's poor. Jennifer Connelly looks like she's playing a version of Tilda Swinton's character from the film (be a shoe), and the show will also feature the mighty Daveed Diggs. Honestly though? They had us with the phrase "from the creator of Orphan Black." Sold. 

Star Trek: Picard

We did not think that this one would hit as that hard, and wow...we were wrong. Previous teasers made us think that this show was going to take place entirely on a vineyard, and be devoid of any legacy characters other than Jean-Luc himself. Nope! We've got space, Starfleet, a new crew, the Borg, and that's not all— Data rebuilt (B4, most likely) and the biggest surprise of all, Seven of Nine. Adding in the news that Riker and Troi will also show up at some point, this trailer, full of Patrick Stewart's finest acting, is making us crave this series in a way that we'd never thought possible. They have made it so. 

Star Trek: Short Treks

We're not just getting six new Trek-based shorts...we're also getting more Discovery era Pike, Spock, and Number One. At some point, it looks like "Ensign Spock" will be making his first visit to the Enterprise, where he'll be stuck in a turbolift with Number One. Pike's got his usual drama going on, and wouldn't you know it? Tribbles are popping up too. Not a few of them, but a veritable murder of them...and H. Jon Benjamin (Archer) is involved. The first season of shorts proved to be a real delight— this new batch looks like it's going to be even better. 

Top Gun: Maverick

Who saw this coming? Everyone was just sitting there in Hall H, expecting literally anything else, when Tom Cruise just waltzes in and pops this baby on the big screen. Unexpected, but hardly unwelcome. By the time the classic Top Gun theme started playing in the middle of this trailer, we were all right back in the danger zone. No Iceman in sight, but we do get Ed Harris and some volleyball. Also, Maverick might be a Game of Thrones fan — he all but quotes Arya Stark at the end with the line, "...but not today." 

The Walking Dead — Season 10

This series has given us so many chsracters to cherish over the years, and then it so awfully rips them away from us. Season 10 looks to be no different— we know that Michonne (Danai Gurira) is leaving, so every glimpse of her in this trailer makes our hearts hurt. We really can't imagine the show without her (or her katana) at this point, but we'd better get ready because it's coming. Also coming? Negan out and about again (gross), Alpha making some threats, and adventures with Daryl and Carol. We'd make a "CORRRAALLLLL" joke but that's not really applicable anymore. 

The Walking Dead — The Movie

Now we'll make that joke— CORRRALLLL!!!! This teaser doesn't have any footage— it's one of those classic "words only" teasers, and all we learn is that The Walking Dead is going to be a movie, and that Rick Grimes will return. We already knew these things, but seeing the big words set to the main title music just makes it seem more real. 


It's nice to have some idea of what this show is actually going to be. We're in sequel territory here, yet no one is saying the comic book words "Doomsday Clock." We get more glimpses of Jeremy Irons as an older Adrian Veidt, the return of Hooded Justice, the Cult of Rorshach, and Don Johnson flying around in Archie. Also of note is Jean Smart (yes!) appearing as Laurie Blake...and the teased return of Dr. Manhattan. There's also a parade of running pigs and some seriously messed up comic book imagery— we may have been on the fence about this show, but it looks too crazy to ignore. Who are we kidding? We'll watch the watchmen. 

Westworld — Season 3

Heaven help us, but...resume all motor functions! For everyone that wanted to see what life and technology was really like outside of the park, well, here you go! It's our best look yet, and there's some serious sci-fi energy at play here. We get glimpses of Delores, more of Aaron Paul's Caleb, Bernard, and then we get some action from Maeve...who is in the middle of some kind of Nazi park. Is "World War II World" one of the other parks? If so, that's where Maeve is, and she's punching Nazis right in the face. Seriously, looking at Thandie Newton pop that Nazi had us all wondering one thing— have you ever seen anything so full of splendor?

The Witcher

Our first look at the new fantasy epic from Netflix doesn't disappoint— both fans of the books and the games will find something to enjoy here. The overall look and tone of the series seems pretty good, and our first real look at our central heroes in action looks good too. Henry Cavill seems like an ideal Geralt of Rivia, appearing to be as good with his brooding as he is with his sword. Ciri looks about perfect, and our glimpses of Yennefer make it clear that the show is going to embrace the "was somewhat deformed so used magic to turn beautiful" aspect of the character. Even the little details like Geralt's medalion are working for us, so our hopes for this series have risen exponentially. 

Zombie Tidal Wave

Much like the Sharknado movies, the title of this one tells you pretty much everything you need to know. He's seemingly dealt with the persistent issue of shark/tornado hybrids, but Ian Ziering now has a whole new problem to deal with. Can you guess what it is? That's right — it's a zombie tidal wave! Literally, he has to deal with a tidal wave full of zombies. How is he going to deal with it? Ziering's face full of fiery determination makes us believe that he'll work it out. How hard can it be? 

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