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Day 3 cosplay from SDCC Special Edition 2021: Deadpool, Captain Picard, Din Djarin & more

Cosplay photo highlights from Day 3 of SDCC’s big in-person event.

By Benjamin Bullard & Josh Weiss
SDCC 2021 Special Edition Day 3 Cosplay

After two years of virtual gatherings (a direct byproduct of the global COVID-19 pandemic), Comic-Con International was finally able to return to the San Diego Convention Center this past weekend for a special, in-person edition of San Diego Comic-Con.

While this event was much smaller in scope than the usual SDCC we're used to seeing every summer, fans didn't much care. They not only turned out in full force, but flaunted their amazing cosplay skills for the whole world to see. It was a bold statement; one that happily declared: "PHYSICAL CONVENTIONS ARE BACK, BABY!!!"

It proved that you don't need celebrities and massive panel reveals to host a successful fan convention. The follow-up to July’s Comic-Con@Home put the focus back on the old-school community vibes that made SDCC a low-key destination for comic book lovers long before the ‘Con ever grew into the pop culture juggernaut it’s since become. In other words, the fans got to be the stars of the show.

The third and final day of the Thanksgiving SDCC (held between Nov. 26 and Nov. 28) brought even more cultural icons to the forefront with costumes inspired by The Mandalorian, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mortal Kombat, Halo, and more. One fan really embraced the holiday spirit with a hybrid outfit that blended Black Widow's Red Guardian and Santa Claus. Forget Red Guardian vs. Captain America — we want to see Red Guardian vs. St. Nick!

Check out the coolest cosplay for Day 3 below:

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