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Sean Bean still hasn’t seen the Game of Thrones finale, but he was glad to hear Winterfell turned out all right

By Trent Moore
Game of Thrones Ned Stark

It’s an old joke that Sean Bean dies in pretty much every TV show or movie he’s in — but turns out he might also tend to check out a bit on the story once his character’s bite the dust, too.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the veteran actor and star of the first season of HBO’s massive fantasy hit Game of Thrones, admitted he lost touch with the ambitious epic once his character Ned Stark was beheaded during the first season (the show would of course go on for seven more seasons, including that all-too-controversial final one, becoming one of the most successful shows of the decade). 

Once the interviewer explained the finer points of how the finale played out, which saw Ned’s son Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) eventually become king, while Ned’s old kingdom at Winterfell finally found its independence in the North under his character’s daughter Sansa (Sophie Turner) by the time the dust snow eventually settled.

Bean chimed in after getting the breakdown:

“So did Winterfell stay separate?” he asked. “Oh, good for them.”

Good for them indeed, Sean.

Considering how massive a cultural event Game of Thrones became, it’s funny to think that Bean didn’t bother to keep up with the series to see how it turned out. Of course, things are obviously a bit different when you were on a series, so it makes sense the show itself might not be up his alley from a fan perspective. But at least he was glad to hear his old haunt at Winterfell was still standing when it was all over.

The full, eight-season run of Game of Thrones is streaming now on HBO Max.