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Sebastian Stan slips into charming killer mode in trailer for Hulu's upcoming horror flick 'Fresh'

Sebastian Stan's got some interesting appetites in his chilling new film. 

By Matthew Jackson
FRESH (2022 ) Trailer YT

Most genre fans probably know Sebastian Stan for his role as Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but beyond his role as the best friend of Steve Rogers turned rehabilitated super-assassin, the actor has proven himself quite the chameleon over the years. From Logan Lucky and I, Tonya to Destroyer and, most recently, Pam & Tommy, Stan has proven he's capable of slipping into just about any role. Now, he's trying his hand at a charming killer who makes the dating scene into a nightmare for one young woman. 

Fresh, directed by Mimi Cave from a script by Lauryn Kahn, arrived earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, and serves as a great showcase for Stan's ability to pivot from adorable to sinister on a dime. He stars as Steve, a seemingly nice, unassuming guy who wanders into the life of Noa (Normal People's Daisy Edgar-Jones), a young woman trying to find something worth holding onto in a dating scene full of jerks. Noa takes to Steve immediately, and though her friends have doubts, she's more than happy to follow him to a weekend getaway at his secluded house. Once the vacation starts, though, Steve's quirks prove to run deeper than a lack of social media. It seems Noa's new boyfriend is into some very dark stuff, and if she wants to make it out of the trip alive, she'll have to explore those tastes with him. 

Check out the trailer below, complete with a meet cute, a dance scene, and what happens when Steve starts to turn on his unsuspecting new lover:

If you're paying attention to the trailer, and to the clever title, you can probably guess what some of Steve's appetites are, but we're not going to give away the whole of Fresh's twist-laden story for you here. If you did happen to catch the film at Sundance, though, you'll know that it's a thrilling, darkly funny, and surprising take on hostage horror films, anchored by great performances from both of its leads. It's also very aware of the metaphorical territory it's working with, and is more than happy to revel in commentary on the state of modern dating as Noa and Steve's relationship devolves into a very dark battle for survival. If you're following the horror scene in 2022, it's one you shouldn't miss. 

Fresh arrives on Hulu March 4.