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WIRE Buzz: Servant Season 2 underway; Animatronic Spider-Man swinging to Disneyland; more

By Jacob Oller & Benjamin Bullard
Servant Apple TV+

Get excited Shyamalan stans: Servant’s second season has already started wrapping episodes. The creepy baby-based Apple TV+ series from M. Night Shyamalan ended its first season earlier this month, but it’s already been in production for Season 2. 

According to the twist master of Philadelphia himself, the first two episodes have wrapped shooting. Shyamalan posted a picture of himself, director Julia Ducournau (Raw), and cinematographer Mike Gioulakis to celebrate the occasion.

Take a look:

The executive producer calls Ducournau’s episode “brooding, shocking & cinematic,” with the pair representing a tiny percentage of the 60-episode narrative that he’s already plotted out. The filmmaker also revealed that Lisa Brühlmann (Blue My Mind) and Isabella Eklöf (Holiday) will be helming episodes in the sophomore effort:

Fans don’t yet know when the second season of Servant will hit Apple TV+, but if the first season is any indication, it will be full of culinary horror, uncanny babies, and the dread of a well-worn relationship.

Next, a cool (but maybe dangerous) addition to a Disney theme park is, like the Iron Spider, a beautiful marriage between tech and Spider-Man. Those visiting Disney California Adventure (at Disneyland in Anaheim, California) might see a friendly neighborhood Spider-Bot swinging and flipping through the air above them at the Avengers Campus.

If that sounds hard to imagine, considering that the word “animatronic” likely conjures up janky images of Chuck E. Cheese band members in fans’ eyes, Disney released a few videos (including some test footage) showing off just what this Spidey can do — and will, once the MCU-themed area of the park opens up.

Check them out:

Spiderman Animatronic Testing

That last one looks a bit like a warped Mythbusters video, and in no way makes this robo-Spidey look safer. But it does look awesome, so that’s the trade-off. That machine even got the stances right. Tom Holland's job is no longer safe from the future.

Fans can check out this slinging Spider-Man this summer at the Avengers Campus where they’ll be tasked with fighting off foes alongside their favorite Marvel heroes.

Finally, if you were already excited at last year’s news that Wizards of the Coast is working on a Dungeons & Dragons video game, then the idea of a separate and completely new video game — but one that comes wrapped inside a science fiction setting — probably sounds pretty sweet, too.

The D&D makers revealed a brand-new gaming studio this week; one that’ll be staffed at the top with creative talent behind classics like Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, according to Polygon. The new development house, Austin, Texas-based Archetype Entertainment, will reportedly be cooking up a new, multi-platform, “sci-fi RPG” game as its first project.

Via the report, Wizards of the Coast said the new game won’t be set within the world of D&D, nor within the world of Magic: The Gathering — one of the company’s other biggest franchises. Instead, players will be getting an all-new IP that’s “set in an all-new science fiction universe" and that’ll “send players on a story-driven epic where choices they make will have real consequences on how their story unfolds.”

So far, that’s all we know — no names, no release dates, and no specific mention of where the game will be playable, beyond the company’s tease of a multi-platform release. But if what we’re waiting for is some kind of alluring mix between D&D fantasy and sci-fi futurism, we’ve got patience to spare. In the meantime, we're not too far from the fall 2020 release of Dark Alliance — the previously-announced D&D video game that's heading our way.