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SYFY WIRE Stargate SG-1

SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright reveals the Stargate story he still wishes he could’ve told

By Trent Moore
Stargate SG-1 2010.JPG

With fans still champing at the bit for news on a potential new Stargate project being in the works from SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright, the super-producer has opened up about the legacy of the hit series — and the one story he never got to tell.

As part of an extensive video interview series with The Companion, Wright answered a few questions from fans about the franchise’s legacy and what it was like working on the show. Mixed in amongst topics such as balancing the design aesthetic between the spinoffs and main series, and the hardest episode to shoot, Wright dug into the episode he still wishes he could’ve made back during his run on SG-1.

Wright said the Aschen storyline — a short SG-1 arc (played out in the episodes “2010” and “2001”) about a race of advanced aliens who wipe out civilizations over decades through the use of sterilization — is one he always wanted to revisit. It’s no secret Wright is a junkie for time travel stories (he created the Netflix sci-fi series Travelers after his tenure in the Stargate universe), and he thinks there was still some interesting ideas left to mine with the Aschen. But alas, they never made it back to the small screen.

“I thought their plan was so insidious, but (fellow producer) Rob Cooper used to tease me about it, because he felt the long game the Aschen played was inherently undramatic,” he laughed. “Which is why it ended up playing well as a time travel story, because by the time we realize what their plan is, it’s too late, so we have to find a way to send a message back and not meet them in the first place … I thought I could come up with another long game type story. There was something interesting about a culture that had that sense of superiority and sense of the long game of well, we’ll win, it’ll just take 100 years.”

Oh, and the other bit of world-building he wishes they could’ve brought back? The mysterious advanced alien race the Nox, which only showed up briefly to let humanity know we were too primitive to be their allies: “I thought they were fun and so great,” Wright said. “But who they ultimately were in that episode kind of precluded our ever seeing them again. They were like ‘You’re so young, you’re so not ready to be our friends,’ you know.”

The full segment, embedded above via The Companion and provided exclusively to SYFY WIRE, is well worth a watch for any Stargate fan. You get some deep dive, nerdy stuff about the show’s creation — and fellow Stargate producer Joe Mallozzi even shows up for a surprise cameo. If you’re jonesing to head back through the ‘Gate again, the entire run of SG-1 is streaming now on Netflix. Take your time on those 10 seasons, and it could keep you busy until that eventual revival comes around.