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SYFY WIRE Shazam: Fury of the Gods

Zachary Levi looks striking in bold new Shazam suit, though we’re still kinda in the dark

By Vanessa Armstrong
Showing off superhero lightning powers in Shazam

Shazam! Fury of the Gods won’t be out for another two years(!), but we got a glimpse today of Billy Batson’s (aka Shazam, aka Zachary Levi) new superhero suit.

Director David F. Sandberg was the first to share the teaser on social media, followed by Levi and Warner Bros. “Coming soon…ish,” Sandberg posted on Twitter along with a 17-second video that shows snippets of Levi in the new Shazam costume.

"Snippets" is the key word here. While the teaser gives us a dimly lit shots of Shazam’s boots, arms, belt, and shoulder (or maybe the chest?), it's hard, frankly, to make much out. Just when we think we’ll see the suit in all its glory, however, we get a full shot of Levi…in the dark, as he comically notes.

Want to be teased along with the rest of us? Check out the clip here:

“Why is it so dark?” says Levi's silhouette of Shazam in the clip. “Probably would have been a good idea to have like one light on.”

Yes. It would have been helpful to have had one or even two lights on! The Shazam crew knew what they were doing, of course, and Levi was sure to get in on the teasing action. “New suit. Who dis? ??,” he wrote when he shared the video on his own Instagram page.

In addition to Sandberg and Levi returning to direct and act respectively in the Shazam sequel, Fury of the Gods also stars Dame Helen Mirren as Hespera, Lucy Liu as Kalypso, and Adam Brody as the superhero version of Batson’s friend, Freddy. Henry Gayden, who wrote the first Shazam, has also returned to pen the sequel’s script.

One person who won’t apparently be showing up in the movie, sadly, is Henry Cavill’s Superman. Even without that cameo, however, what we’ve (kind of) seen so far suggests we’re in for a fun time when the film finally makes it to theaters.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods comes out June 2, 2023.