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Development news: Click director helming Sinbad, Snowpiercer 'playing with the release date,' more

By Jacob Oller & Tara Bennett
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Today’s development news covers all corners of the genre world: film-based TV pilots, legend-rebooting movies, sex-bot flicks, and demon-filled horror productions. Something for everyone. First, let’s get into the plot that, of today’s roundup, is by far the oldest.

According to Deadline, Click director Frank Coraci is helming The Legend of Sinbad for embattled Red Sonja company Millennium and Eagle Films. Retelling the story of One Thousand and One Nights’ folklore hero Sinbad, the English-language film is from a script by Andrew Cosby (the Hellboy reboot, SYFY’s Eureka) and Hank Woon. Sinbad’s been in tons of productions, from animated films to live-action TV shows, and his exploits across the oceans still excite the imagination — especially when he runs into all kinds of magic and mystical beings.

And, in an industry that still enjoys whitewashing its stories, the film “is expected to have a cast of Middle East origin, including in the lead role,” per Deadline. One would hope, especially for “an epic action-adventure film rooted in Arabian culture,” as Eagle Films CEO Jamal Sannan put it. The film aims to begin production this fall.

Next, fans have a brief update on the Snowpiercer show direct from the higher-ups at the TCAs.

SYFY WIRE learned from TCA panelist Kevin Reilly — president of TBS & TNT, and chief creative officer of Turner Entertainment — that the pilot “was really promising,” especially since they were working with a filmmaker who hadn’t done TV before. With Orphan Black’s Graeme Manson as the new showrunner and executive producer, the network is optimistic, saying that they’re “just playing with the release date now.” Maybe this show will actually happen after all.

Fans of the hellish should rejoice, because IndustryWorks Studios is torturing Cristina with a demon in its upcoming movie. The film, from director Christopher Alexander and writer Heather Thompson, follows the poor woman who had to grow up with a demon after her Satanic father summoned it when she was just a kid. Not great, as far as Christmas gifts go.

She and the demon grew up together and now the otherworldly entity is “raising hell to back a blood libel older than time,” whatever that might mean. The horror film begins shooting in Vancouver this spring and will have a first-look debut at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Finally, something even weirder. Ex-Superman Dean Cain is in a movie about sex-bots called 2050. And it has a new trailer.

Just take a look:

With a neon art style plucked from Drive and Blade Runner 2049, this out-there film is a “satiric comic fantasy,” according to a release, and a very strange sci-fi romance, according to its own trailer.

The film opens in New York City on Feb. 14.

(With reporting by Tara Bennett)

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