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SYFY WIRE Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man who? Far From Home's hilarious new trailer all about Night Monkey

By Jacob Oller
Night Monkey poster

Spider-Man: Far From Home, star Tom Holland and director Jon Watts’ second webslinging outing together, was filled with deception. Mysterio isn’t who he claims to be, Happy and May aren’t quite honest about their relationship, and all those Elementals seem like they’re hiding something. But the biggest lie of all is that Spider-Man is the star of this film. In fact, the European hero stealing the show (and the hearts of fanboys like Ned) is the Night Monkey. And now he’s got his very own trailer.

The Sunset Simian. The Primate Who’s Out Late. Yes, the Night Monkey is Peter Parker’s alter-ego while he’s on vacation. This is partly so his class doesn’t figure out that Spider-Man happens to go where he goes (which doesn’t work) and partly because Ned is a terrible superhero name improviser. However, the trailer for the Night Monkey — which apes films like The Dark Knight — is a very funny way to promote Far From Home’s home release.

Check it out:

The night truly belongs to the Night Monkey. Jokes aside, Spider-Man: Far From Home used its humor, all-black stealth suit, and post-Endgame scheduling to turn its summer fling into a $1B+ endeavor. Not bad for the first Marvel film in a post-Iron Man world. But one pressing concern remains: will the Night Monkey become an Avenger?

Spider-Man: Far From Home is out in its digital release now and will have its physical home release on Oct. 1.