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SYFY WIRE Star Trek: Picard

Jean-Luc debates the logic of sacrifice in this exclusive Star Trek: Picard Episode 9 clip

By Ryan Britt
Star Trek: Picard

In the penultimate episode of Season 1, Star Trek: Picard is doing what the Star Trek franchise is best-known for: Having a serious philosophical debate about morality — in outer space!

Throughout The Next Generation and the various TNG films, Jean-Luc Picard often spoke truth to power when the needs of the few came in conflict with a callous majority. He did it when he stood up for Data's civil rights in "The Measure of a Man," he did in classic episodes like "Who Watches the Watchers?" and "I, Borg", and he even went completely rogue on the grounds of principle in Star Trek: Insurrection, scolding a selfish superior saying, "How many people does it take before it comes wrong!?"

And now, in a special, sneak-peek of Episode 9 of Picard — "Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1” — Jean-Luc and Soji are wrestling, once again with these age-old questions. Can you justify taking life to save more lives? Is there a "calculus" to morality? Clearly, Soji is considering making some kind of terrible choice, but right now, we don't know what it is, specifically. And, because this debate between Soji and Jean-Luc is happening in Bruce Maddox's old room, the implications about android rights are very mysterious.

Courtesy of CBS All Access, watch the clip below for some classic Star Trek morality wrestling.

Star Trek: Picard begins streaming Part 1 of its two-part season finale on CBS All Access on Thursday, March 19 at 9AM. The final episode will air the following Thursday.