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Outfit your own Jedi Council chamber with designer Star Wars furniture

By Jacob Oller
Imperial Wings Easy Armchair black angled back

With San Diego Comic-Con almost upon us, the anticipation for geeky paraphernalia of all kinds is reaching a fever pitch. Exclusive toys! Comics! Fashion! But for those on the higher end of things, or those fans looking simply to treat themselves, there exists one brand that has infiltrated luxury like no other: Star Wars. The MCU has nothing on the high-end merch available from a galaxy far, far away. We’re not just talking droids, either, designer furniture is now available for your fancy home, allowing you to give it that nerdy flair while still impressing the neighbors.

That’s thanks to Kevin Cobonpue’s new Star Wars Collection. The Filipino designer, best known for integrating an organic feel to his rattan works, has unleashed the Sith into his artsy chairs, tables, and lamps.

“We wanted to incorporate the essence of each Star Wars character into the designs, while staying true to our aesthetic and process of creating by hand,” said Cobonpue in a release. “We reimagined the Star Wars universe through the lens of the Filipino craftsman and creative. Finding the balance was a bit of a challenge, but it was also a lot of fun.”

Disney commissioned the partnership, which has been available in the Philippines since last October and recently debuted in Milan. But don’t worry, the intergalactic furniture collection has been available Stateside since May... for a price.

The pieces — ranging from a TIE Fighter-inspired chair to a Wookiee-fur stool — can set an intrepid Star Wars fan back a few thousand dollars. Costing anywhere between $1,345 to $2,800, the pieces in the collection aren’t for everyone. But man, they’re awesome.

There’s a list of retailers on the website, but let’s be honest: most of us are just going to be happy ogling the Sidious Easy Armchair and the lamps composed of dozens of Jedi fending off a single Sith. 

But for those Star Wars fans that have cash to burn (and already own their own R2 unit), this collection may be the perfect way to be seated in style when The Rise of Skywalker finishes the saga on Dec. 20.