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SYFY WIRE Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day: From new galactic LEGO sets to 'The Bad Batch' premiere, here's how to ring in May the 4th, 2021

By Josh Weiss

This is where the fun begins! May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day) is once again upon us, and unlike last year's more subdued celebrations, this year carries the promise of a steady return to normal. Thanks to widespread COVID-19 vaccinations within the United States, we can — at long last — cautiously gather in greater numbers, just like the majestic Sand People of Tatooine.

After more than a year of shutdowns and delays, cantinas and gangster hideouts throughout the galaxy are finally opening their doors to more and more clientele. We haven't felt this giddy and hopeful since Vader tossed Palpatine into the reactor of the Death Star. It's only fitting that Star Wars Day 2021 should ring in a new era of optimism. After all, the entire franchise is rooted in the concept of sparking hope in dark times.

So, cash in those galactic credits and clear your schedule for Tuesday, May 4, because we've got your guide on how to party like it's the days of the Old Republic.


  • For all of May the 4th, you can pick up Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy (from Insight Editions) for the low, low price of $25 as opposed to the usual $85. Other titles will be 35 percent off for the day, excluding limited editions and recent releases.

Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy cover
  • Are you a comic book collector with an eye for Star Wars titles? Then, why not check out Dynamic Forces' pop-up shop on Indiegogo? You can snag all kinds of rare comics, sketch covers, and even a personalized cover drawn by Living Corpse illustrator Ken Haeser.

Swag (aka galactic bounty)

  • Our LEGO collections will never be complete, so long as Lucasfilm continues to strike licensing deals with the Danish brick company. This year's May 4th exclusive is a "new and improved" R2-D2 set that's celebrating Lucasfilm's 50th anniversary. It retails for $199 a pop. Other new Star Wars sets include: Darth Vader helmet ($69.99), Scout Trooper helmet ($49.99), Imperial Probe Droid ($59.99), and Imperial TIE Fighter ($39.99).

  • As per usual, Hasbro's got a treasure trove of Star Wars merch to choose from...

  • If you're traveling to Tatooine, you're gonna need a tumbler to help quench your thirst under the intense heat of the planet's twin suns. Thankfully, Stanley has you covered with five cantines/jugs/thermoses (whatever you wanna call them, really) inspired by the Rebel pilots, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, C-3PO, and R2-D2.

  • You can now pre-order a 19.5” tall Ahsoka Tano figure from Sideshow Collectibles. The $585 sculpture, which will ship between May and June of next year, also contains Ahsoka's convor companion, Morai. If you're too antsy to wait a full year, then Sideshow has a model of Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) and other Mandalorian-inspired goodies that can be shipped to you as early as today.
Ahsoka Tano Sideshow sculpture


  • As we await The Book of Boba Fett and Taika Waititi's mystery film project, we can get our onscreen Star Wars fix with The Bad Batch. A follow-up to the hit Clone Wars series created by George Lucas and Dave Filoni, the animated show follows a group of free-thinking Jango Fett duplicates (all of them voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), who decide to form a band of renegade bounty hunters in the wake of the Empire's rise to power. The 70-minute season premiere arrives on Disney+ on May 4, with subsequent episodes being released every Friday — starting on May 7. You can top off your experience with some Bad Batch Bingo.
The Bad Batch
  • Once you're done watching The Bad Batch, be sure to check out even more Star Wars content on Disney+...
  • Maggie Simpson in ‘The Force Awakens From Its Nap’

In a daycare far, far away… but still in Springfield, Maggie is on an epic quest for her stolen pacifier. Her adventure brings her face-to-face with young Padawans, Sith Lords, familiar droids, Rebel scum, and an ultimate battle against the dark side, in this original short celebrating the Star Wars galaxy.

  • Star Wars Biomes

Take a virtual vacation to some of the Star Wars films’ most iconic and beloved locations like Hoth, Tatooine, and Sorgan as this charming series whisks you off for fly-over tours of a galaxy far, far away.

  • Star Wars Vehicle Flythroughs

Get up-close-and-personal with two of the Star Wars films’ most iconic and beloved ships as viewers explore the memorable interiors and exteriors of the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Maggie Simpson Star Wars Key Art

  • CBS's Mission Unstoppable, a series that shines a light on leading female STEM professionals, will celebrate May the 4th and National Space Day with a week-long campaign focused on space-related STEM occupations. Fans can join the conversation with the hashtag #SpaceDay. Mission Unstoppable's TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch accounts (@cbsunstoppable) are currently featuring guest appearances from "aerospace superstars," as well as special AR filters, stories, and games. Mission Unstoppable is hosted by Nickelodeon vet Miranda Cosgrove, who also executive produces the show along with Oscar-winner Geena Davis.
Miranda Cosgrove Mission Unstoppable

"I was 7 years old the year Star Wars was released [in 1977]. It was a difficult time in my childhood and my parents needed a babysitter. That summer I saw Star Wars in theaters 30 times!" Cash exclusively tells SYFY WIRE. "I have seen it many more times since then, but suffice to say I have seen it a lot. When I had my own kids, I was always making costumes for them, but had nowhere to create and showcase something for myself. I loved the shows Face-Off and Cosplay Melee and my daughter also started getting into anime and cosplay. So, I decided it was never too late to start and create costumes for myself and join her at the cons. I have done construction, worked in radio for 18 years, and owned my own business for 11 years before starting my TTFS YouTube channel. I am a father, a property owner, and a giant nerd. Like most nerds, we eventually have to grow up. My channel ... encompasses it all from doing things around the house, the property, and still never forgetting to finish projects for the nerd in me!"

  • Spice up your Messenger and Instagram DMs with the following new features:

Chat Theme and Reactions: Bring Star Wars to life in your own chats on Messenger and Instagram with an all-new theme that will have your messages traveling through hyperspace. Along with a new chat backdrop, you can utilize the fun reaction emojis that feature characters like R2-D2, BB-8 and C-3PO. 

AR Filter: Cruise through the galaxy with the all-new Millenium Falcon AR effect. As you move your camera around, you can explore the cockpit of the legendary spacecraft and prepare to visit new planets.

Star Wars Chat Theme Picker
Star Wars Chat Theme


  • To the moon! Wait...that's no moon. GameStop is offering a week of sales:
  • 50% off select Star Wars video games, including Star Wars Squadrons, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Star Wars Journey to Batuu.
  • 15% off select Star Wars collectibles. 
  • Only $50 for the Tauntaun sleeping bag.
  • Buy 1 get 1 free apparel accessories.
  • Only $10 regular priced T-shirts.
GameStop May the 4th deals 2021
GameStop May the 4th deals 2021
  • has a number of gaming deals — along with the announcement of a next-gen release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, has features updated features for the PlayStation 5 and  Xbox Series X|S versions of the game.

star wars jedi fallen order standard box art
  • Give your ears a treat with John Williams' score for The Empire Strikes Back. According to the music streaming service known as Deezer, the Episode V soundtrack is the most popular of all the Star Wars scores in the U.S., topping "fan favorite A New Hope to the top spot, with 93% more streams," the release, which reports that "plays of the movies' soundtracks in high fidelity also rocketed by 196% in the US from January 2019 to April 2021"

Below, you can see Deezer's official ranking (highest to lowest) of all nine Skywalker Saga soundtracks based on how often they're streamed.

  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • A New Hope
  • The Phantom Menace
  • The Rise of Skywalker
  • Revenge of the Sith
  • The Force Awakens
  • The Last Jedi
  • Attack of the Clones
  • Return of the Jedi

“Listening to Star Wars soundtracks in high fidelity with the right gear means you can hear all the rich detail that you’d likely miss through regular sound quality. The minute you close your eyes, you’ll feel like you’re in a concert hall, listening to John Williams conduct the London Symphony Orchestra live,” Antoine Jaeger, Deezer’s Soundtrack Editor, said in statement.

As an added bonus, Deezer has Music From The Star Wars Saga - The Essential Collection, a curated playlist of the most popular Williams tracks. Yes, "Duel of the Fates," "The Imperial March," and most importantly, "Leia's Theme" are on it.

  • For the true hipster audiophiles out there, Varèse Sarabande Records has a vinyl re-release of the Empire Strikes Back score. The 180-gram black vinyl LP, which has been out of print for over three decades, is now available for pre-order ($25.98) and officially releases in late July. Interested fans can get their hands on two different versions:  "Ice Planet Hoth Blue" (Vinyl Me Please) and "Imperial Grey Marble" (Newbury Comics), with a Canadian exclusive — “Cloud City Orange” — hitting Sunrise retail shops on July 23.

The record's gatefold features the original paintings by William Stout, as well as notes from Williams, sci-fi author Ray Bradbury, and composer/critic Christopher Palmer. In addition, the track list includes a "Symphonic Suite" made up of different cues that Williams drafted for live performances.

“The Suite, which I had specially written and adapted for concert performance […] had been skillfully augmented with other music from the film to form a unified whole," Williams remarked. "A great orchestra and Gerhardt’s opulent sound and dramatic phrasing combine to make a fine addition to a rapidly growing list of great recordings of film music."

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Varèse Sarabande Records


  • Round Guys Brewing Company and Pub (Landsdale, PA) is hosting an all-day celebration of Star Wars Day with lightsaber giveaways. Click here for more info.
  • Test your galactic knowledge with a night of Star Wars trivia at the Katch Astoria in Queens, NY. Click here for more info.
  • Calling all shaggy dogs: Dogtopia of Arlington Heights, IL is encouraging canine owners to dress up their dogs as Star Wars characters (ewoks and wookiees are the obvious choices, but bonus points to anyone who thinks outside the crate). Click here for more info.
  • Get yourself in shape with a May the 4th-themed day of fitness with Long Beach Boot Camp in Long Beach, CA. Show up dressed as your favorite Star Wars character and you'll get 10 percent off your next session. Click here for more info.
  • Bring your own Chance Cubes for a night of Star Wars board games at Zulu's Board Game Cafe in Bothell, Washington. Click here for more info.


  • The official Star Wars website has a collection of tasty recipes — from Ewok-inspired sushi, to a Princess Leia rice bowl, to a festive cookie modeled after Admiral Ackbar.
Admiral Ackbar cosplay
R2-D2 Ice Cream Cake
  • Quench your thirst with a Baby Yoda-inspired cocktail from Elysian Brewing, which found itself inspired by a similar drink created in the U.K. last year.

Check out the lip-smacking recipe below...


1.5oz Vodka

.5oz Apple Pucker

.5 Lemon Juice

.75 Simple Syrup


Shake with ice and strain into coupe glass

Top off with Space Dust IPA

Attach lime wedges for the ears and blueberries for the eyes to a cocktail stick

Wrap glass step with napkin to create a robe-like appearance to complete the look


Baby Yoda cocktail Elysian Brewing
  • Wendy's 4 for $4 meal deal has been around since 2015, but May the 4th is the promotion's real time to shine. As the famous chain puts it: "Grab your jetpack, steer clear of The Dark Side (you know, the other guys), and head to your nearest Wendy’s, order  online or  via the  Wendy’s app."
    Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger- 4 for $4

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