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Warning: Warwick Davis in BTS bald Ewok costume may give Star Wars fans the heebie-jeebies

By Jacob Oller
Warwick Davis Ewok

The Ewoks came a long way from their Star Wars origins in 1983's Return of the Jedi to their peaceful celebrations in The Rise of Skywalker. The teddy-bear-esque aliens that actor Warwick Davis helped bring to life became a family legacy, as Davis' son acted alongside him in the latter saga-ending film. The guerrilla fighters of the forested Endor moon were always a family-friendly element of the sci-fi franchise until recently, when a fan film pitted them as bloodthirsty (and very hungry) hunters of stormtroopers. Now, thanks to a look behind the scenes at the Ewoks' creation, Star Wars fans may see the little furballs starring in their nightmares once again — sans fur.

Childhoods may have been ruined yesterday when Star Wars creature concept designer Jake Lunt Davies posted a pic of Davis' Wicket costume on Instagram, mostly because without fur it looks like cursed cosplay for a KAWS sculpture.

Take a look ... if you dare:

"Ewok sans fur," Davies posted. "Scary stuff. Fabricating Warwick’s costume in the Creature shop. From BTS extras on TROS Blu-ray."

The bald and decidedly NOT beautiful Ewok is a smooth white demon with human eyes pleading to be released from its cage. What's the worst part? His stapled arms? His eye holes? Or those teeth? They look like Sonic the Hedgehog before he got reworked for the film, but if he was also Hannibal Lecter.

Fans have already been plenty moved, with Redditors comparing the image to "an Albino Shrek." Perhaps Star Wars fans are better off staying away from The Rise of Skywalker's Blu-ray extras if these are the kinds of terrible images they'll have forced upon their unsuspecting eyes.