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Star Wars crew answers burning questions — and no, J.J. Abrams can’t get you a Baby Yoda

By James Comtois

With the newest Star Wars film hitting theatres in mere days, the cast and director of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to answer burning questions the show’s staffers had about the upcoming film. Burning questions like, what is Oscar Isaac's favorite Star Wars character? (Don't argue with his answer.) How would Billy Dee Williams use the Force? (RIP, writer/performer John Thibodeaux) And from where does Rey get her accent? (Apparently it’s from a planet called “England...?” Huh. Must be from the Expanded Universe.)

Okay, so, they’re obviously not going to answer anything that would potentially spoil the film just before it opens. But one thing’s for sure: director J.J. Abrams cannot get you a Baby Yoda, so stop asking him. Also, the new film doesn’t deal with midichlorians, so stop sending him barrels of your blood to get your midichlorian count tested, because...gross. 

In the show’s regular “Just One Question” bit, Abrams and the cast have fun providing ridiculous answers to silly questions. Oh, and the cast also gives a quick recap of the Star Wars saga from Episodes I through VIII, where John Boyega tries to describe what a Wookiee is, with mixed results. Check out the hilarious video below. 


Though, after watching the video, we here at SYFY WIRE have a burning question: what was up with that staffer trying to wrap a pumpkin? (That question better get answered in the movie.) 

The Rise of Skywalker hits theatres Dec. 20. In the meantime, we here at SYFY WIRE are trying to keep it together.