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'Star Wars': 'Rogue One' TV spinoff 'Andor' debuts first trailer, confirms August premiere

The spinoff series about Diego Luna's Rebel spy Cassian Andor will arrive on Disney+ on Aug. 31.

By Josh Weiss & Vanessa Armstrong
Star Wars Andor Screen Grab

Fellow Rebel scum...rejoice! During this year's Star Wars Celebration convention, Lucasfilm debuted the first trailer for Andor, a Rogue One television spinoff series centered around Diego Luna's seasoned Rebel spy, Cassian Andor.

The Disney-owned studio behind the ever-expanding Star Wars mythos also confirmed an official release date of August 31 with a two-episode premiere planned. The first season will consist of 12 episodes, and production will reportedly commence this fall on an additional 12 episodes designed to lead directly into the events of Rogue One.

Check out the trailer below:

"When I was doing the film [Rogue One], I was living every day like it was the last," Diego Luna, who plays the titular Cassian Andor, said during the panel that was attended by SYFY WIRE. "I didn't know this was happening, I didn't know this was possible. And here I am ... for me the universe of Star Wars, this is a story about the people. The story that has the most to do with us, us viewers, us fans." 

Luna went on to joke that "the beauty of this show is that there's no way they'll kill me": a statement that every viewer of Rogue One will likely appreciate. 

Genevive O'Reilly, who has played Mon Mothma in the prequels as well as in Rogue One, also joined Luna on stage. “It's such a gift to come back to this role," she shared. "As actors, we join something for a series or for a play, so you invest in a character, you might be for three years, maybe if you're lucky. I first played this woman nearly 17 years ago now. So to have the opportunity to come back and investigate her at the age I am now … I feel so lucky, so thank you.”  

Developed for television by Rogue One co-screenwriter, Tony Gilroy, the show co-stars a number of familiar faces including O'Reilly's Mon Montha and Forest Whittaker's Saw Gerrera. The series will also introduce a slew of newcomers like Denise Gough, Robert Emma, Stellan Skarsgard, Kyle Soller, Fiona Shaw, and Adria Arjona.

Another fan favorite, Alan Tudyk's sassy, reprogrammed Imperial droid, K-2SO, is expected to be in the series' already-confirmed second season. Gilroy has also teased that some of the legacy Star Wars characters we see will experience things that may be surprising for fans: "It’s upside down, or it’s sideways, or it’s the opposite of what you thought was true," he shared. 

The first season of Andor premieres on Disney+ on Aug. 31. No news yet on when Part 2 of the show will grace the streaming platform. 

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