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A Decade Later, Stargate Universe Stars Still Down For Revival of SYFY's SG-1 Spinoff

The crew of Destiny is still out there in space, waiting for another adventure.

By Matthew Jackson
Cast of Stargate Universe Season 1

It's been more than a decade since the last Stargate TV series, Stargate Universe, went off the air without a major concluding story, leaving fans eternally hoping for more from the crew of Destiny. Lately, thanks to Amazon's purchase of MGM assets, including the Stargate franchise, fans have new hope that old characters could return someday, and at least two of Universe's core cast members are down for more adventures.

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When Universe ended in 2011 after two seasons on SYFY, the Destiny crew were in cryogenic stasis as they journeyed between galaxies, heading off to potential new adventures that, unfortunately, we never got to see. Speaking to Sidewalks Entertainment in separate interviews, Universe stars Robert Carlyle (Nicholas Rush) and Brian J. Smith (Matthew Scott) agreed that the show's ending leaves plenty of rumor for future stories, even if it has been 12 years since we last saw the crew.

"We’re still cryogenically frozen on the Destiny, on that space ship somewhere out there in the cosmos!” Smith said. “It’s kind of teed up for someone to do a movie or something where we can finish off that story. It’d be really fascinating to revisit it after all these years."

Carlyle agreed, “They’re still up there in the sky, floating around on that ship. Whether someone takes it to bring them down to Earth again, who knows.”

At the moment, the future of the Stargate franchise remains rather murky. All we really know for sure is that the new rights owner is interested in pursuing more stories, and that they could reportedly take the form of films and/or TV series over the next few years. Sadly, we've also heard from various sources that attempts to revive previous incarnations, including a new Stargate SG-1 story and new movies from franchise creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, have probably died on the vine. That means potential future Universe stories are perhaps unlikely, but that doesn't mean Smith and Carlyle are any less interested in returning.

"You never say never, I've learned that," Carlyle said, while promoting his new FX sequel series The Full Monty. "I would think it would be unlikely for it to come back. … It was unfortunate what happened to it at the time."

Smith's response was a little more enthusiastic: “Please, yes — if that happens sign me up. There’s so many worlds in that franchise. It can go so many different ways. I’m curious to see what they do.”

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