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SYFY WIRE Station Eleven

Tank Girl’s Lori Petty drives into HBO Max's post-pandemic apocalypse series, Station Eleven

By Vanessa Armstrong

HBO Max’s limited series adaptation of Station Eleven — Emily St. John Mandel's eerily prescient, Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning post-apocalyptic novel, where nearly everyone is killed by a fictional swine flu pandemic — is still surviving and has added two new cast members.

Deadline is reporting that Daniel Zovatto (Penny Dreadful: City of Angels) and Lori Petty (Orange Is the New Black, Tank Girl) will play recurring roles on the 10-episode series. The show, like the book, follows different people's experiences before and after the horrible disease ravages the world.

Zovatto is taking on a character called The Prophet, who — as his name suggests — is the leader of a cult. Petty is playing The Conductor, who leads a troupe of Shakespeare performers called the Traveling Symphony.

Daniel Zovatto

The two join other cast members Andy McQueen (Books of Blood), David Cross (Arrested Development), Enrico Colantoni (Galaxy Quest), Julian Obradors (Mayans, M.C.), Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049), Himesh Patel (Tenet), David Wilmot (Black Sails), Matilda Lawler, Nabhaan Rizwan, and Philippine Velge.

While details of the show remain murky, we do know the roles that some of the other cast members are playing. McQueen will be taking on the character of Sayid, an actor in the Traveling Symphony, while Cross plays Gil, a moody theater director. Colantoni’s character is an entertainment agent named Brian, and Obradors plays Tyler Leander, the son of two movie stars whose world is upended (like everyone else’s) when the pandemic hits.

Maniac’s Patrick Somerville is showrunning the series and Hiro Murai is directing. No news yet on when the show will make it to the streaming platform.