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WIRE Buzz: Stephen Amell drops Code 8 teaser; United launches Star Wars plane; more

By Benjamin Bullard
Code 8 via YouTube

After crowdfunding a campaign to kick off a passion project from a famous pair of The CW’s superheroic cousins, a new teaser for Code 8 has finally arrived — and it takes Stephen and Robbie Amell into a dark dystopia that’s none too kind to the supernaturally gifted.

The Arrow star (that’d be Stephen) dropped our first look at Code 8 via Twitter, giving us a glimpse at a movie that’s been more than three years in the making. After whipping up nearly $2.5 million to launch the movie via a grassroots campaign on Indiegogo, the Arrowverse duo (Robbie played Firestorm on The Flash) got to work, and we’re now less than two months away from Code 8’s release.

Check it out:

As you can see from the clip, life is pretty hard-bitten for the sliver of the population born with superhero abilities in Code 8’s world, where instead of achieving fame and status, most “specials” hide out from a surveillance state that discriminates against them hard, while encouraging society to follow suit. Robbie Amell’s character, Connor Reed, struggles with a low-paying job to help fund his sick mother’s health care, but finds himself drawn deeper into a criminal underworld by Stephen Amell’s character, Garrett, who makes big money on the payroll of a drug lord who supplies the addicts of Lincoln City — the movie’s Blade Runner-like setting.

Code 8

Also starring Sung Kang (the Fast and the Furious franchise), Kari Matchett (Maudie), Greg Bryk (Frontier), and Aaron Abrams (Hannibal), and directed by Jeff Chan (Adam Ruins Everything), Code 8 streams into theaters starting Dec. 13.

Reminiscence, the dystopian sci-fi thriller starring Hugh Jackman as a purveyor of relived memories, is rounding out its cast. The upcoming movie, directed by Westworld executive producer Lisa Joy, has recruited Westworld’s Angela Sarafyan, alongside Oscar-nominated Marina De Tavira (Roma), Natalie Martinez (Death Race), and Cliff Curtis (Hobbs & Shaw), according to Deadline.

It’s not yet known what characters the newly added actors are playing, but they join an A-list cast that already includes Jackman, Thandie Newton, Daniel Wu, and Rebecca Ferguson. As lone wolf military veteran Nicolas Bannister, Jackman makes his living in a future version of a flooded Miami by selling a unique sci-fi experience: the chance for his customers to relive their past memories. But things take a turn when he falls in love with a woman named Mae (Ferguson), leading him into a mystery — prompted by one of his clients’ hidden memories — that may implicate Mae as a killer.

A release date for Reminiscence hasn’t been announced yet, so stay tuned.

We don’t know how fast it could make the Kessel Run, nor whether it’ll give up the ghost and refuse to engage the hyperdrive right when you need it most. But one of the Boeing 737s in United Airlines’ fleet is about to get the Rise of Skywalker treatment, immersing passengers in the full Star Wars travel experience … right down to the pre-takeoff safety lecture.

United Airlines Star Wars themed airplane

Ramping up the realism in its ongoing “Fly the Friendly Galaxy” tie-in with the ninth and final installment in the Skywalker saga, United is decking out one of its jets in a full Rise of Skywalker wrap, complete with X-Wings and TIE Fighters forming up for battle, blue and red lightsaber graphics on the tail, Imperial and Rebel Alliance insignias on the seats, and even a pre-flight safety video that’s narrated by characters from the movie.

Once you board the plane — to the sounds of John Williams’ iconic Star Wars score, of course — you’ll be greeted with a pre-flight safety briefing like no other on Earth — and you can get a sneak peek in the video below:

United – Fly the Friendly Galaxy

Even if you don’t personally end up aboard the closest thing to a C-3 passenger liner this side of Alderaan, you can still keep tabs on where the Star Wars jet is headed — and it’ll be easy to spot, since its in-flight avatar will be represented by an X-Wing icon. The plane is currently still in the hangar getting ready for its maiden flight, with United planning to deploy the aircraft into its galactic fleet starting in November. That should still give plenty of passengers (and earthbound fans doing their own flight tracking reconnaissance) plenty of time to get ready for The Rise of Skywalker, which warps into theaters on Dec. 20.