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Take a bite out of Hawkins lore with Stranger Things' new secret-loaded breakfast cereal

Craving food and Stranger Things? These cereals have you covered.

By Vanessa Armstrong
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Feeling a tad peckish and also can’t wait for Season 4 of Stranger Things? Don’t worry, Netflix has got you — the company has partnered with General Mills to create Stranger Things versions of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios, and Lucky Charms. 

The cereal boxes sell for $19.86 each, which just so happens to be the year when Season 4 will likely take place. Each box also has more than just sugary goodness (or non-sugary goodness, in Cheerios’ case) — they also include nods to Stranger Things moments and possibly some hints as to what we’ll see in Season 4.

Let’s start with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The front of the box boasts an image of an upside-down cereal bowl full of “2-Planed” pieces, and there’s even the promise of $5 worth of free tokens for the Palace Arcade. 

Check them out here:

The back of the box has a flap that gives us even more Stranger Things goodness. Or badness in this case, as it features a game called the Tunnel of Terror. Cereal eaters can also become cereal boardgame players by using a single cinnamon toast as a game piece and moving it around the board based on whether a coin flip gives you heads or tails. The side of the boxes also features an 8-bit demogorgon, which gives the box that extra upside-down touch. Those who remember the rotten pumpkins from earlier Stranger Things seasons will also be pleased to see that this version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is absolutely pumpkin-free. 

Next up is Lucky Charms, which — like the other two boxes —  sports an upside-down General Mills logo. The leprechaun is sporting a Hawkins High t-shirt, holding a 20-sided die and waving a spoon at some Christmas lights. There’s also an offer to get a free toy van, which you can find in the backflap of the box. All you need is a pair of scissors and you can cut out your own Hawkins Power & Light van as well as the bike-riding images of Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and Will. The side of the box has a missing person bulletin for poor Barb.

Last but not least is the cereal staple, Cheerios. Here, the word Cheerios itself is upside down, followed by some words in Russian, a nod to the Russian presence at the end of Season 3.  While the bowl of Cheerios looks fairly normal, two of the strawberries next to it sport some dark tendrils that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be the best to eat. Cheerios is also an official Camp No Where sponsor and boasts a $100 Starcourt Mall shopping spree. On the back, we have 11 battling the Mind Flayer. In the image, however, are some Russian soldier symbols for you to find. The side of the box has an advert for Hawkins’ 4th of July Fun Fair and also what seems to be the coded messages for the aforementioned Russians. 

Are these cereal boxes a bit silly and overpriced? Absolutely! But they’re also fun and include delicious cereal. Why not kill two demogorgons with one stone and buy a box while we wait for Season 4 of Stranger Things to drop in summer 2022