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SYFY WIRE Stranger Things

Pull a full Stranger Things freakout with IKEA's recreation of the Byers' living room

By Jacob Oller
Stranger Things living room imdb

Stranger Things has been giving fans countless ways to join in on the supernatural fun ever since the Netflix series first turned the world Upside Down with nostalgic fun. Be it through comics, video games, or even LEGOs, everyone who wanted to could get in on the otherworldly action. But now there’s the chance to get even closer to Hawkins, Indiana. And, even more specifically, to the home of Joyce, Will, and Jonathan Byers.

That’s because IKEA developed a layout that mimics the one used by Winona Ryder’s character to communicate with her dimensionally misplaced son via Christmas lights. In fact, IKEA made room designs using its own furniture that replicate not only the living room from Stranger Things but also that of long-running cartoon The Simpsons and sitcom mainstay Friends.

Check them out:

Yes, unfortunately you’ll still have to creepily paint the alphabet on your own wall. IKEA won’t do that for you. But it will sell you the paint. Billy also makes a cameo appearance in the living room, although he’s a bookcase this time around and not the shirtless lifeguard lusted after by moms all over Hawkins. Oh well.

Would you drop big money in order to closely replicate the set of your favorite Netflix show? Or are you holding out for when IKEA shows off how you can build the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon using only an Allen wrench?

Whether you live there or not, Stranger Things hits Netflix for its third season on July 4.