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Linda Hamilton Won't Wear Terminator Merch - But Here's Why She Loves to Wear Resident Alien Gear

While she doesn't like to "self-promote," Ms. Hamilton has made an exception for the hit SYFY series.

By Josh Weiss

While Linda Hamilton makes it a regular habit of avoiding shameless self-promotion at all costs, the actress decided to make an exception for SYFY's hit series, Resident Alien.

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Sitting down for a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the genre icon behind fierce characters like Sarah Connor and General Eleanor McCallister showed up for the occasion wearing a beanie "emblazoned" with the official Resident Alien logo.

Linda Hamilton Doesn't Like Wearing Merchandise Associated with Her Film & Television Projects... Except When it Comes to SYFY's Resident Alien

"I do not self-promote. I think it’s kind of embarrassing, wearing stuff," said The Terminator alum. "This is the only merch of anything I’ve ever done that I wear. I just have to. I love this show. I love going into Canada to shoot it. You go through immigration and they say, 'Why are you here?' And I say, 'Resident Alien … the show.' For being such a nice country, they’re a little tough at immigration, aren’t they?"

Hamilton joined the show in its second season, taking on the role of General McCallister, a no-nonsense military official obsessed with proving the existence of extraterrestrial life. This burning desire to nab and study a bona fide alien stems from unresolved childhood trauma. As a little girl, McCallister saw her father (a humble lighthouse keeper) driven to suicide after the government discredited his belief in UFOs.

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Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) looks at General Eleanor Wright (Linda Hamilton) with a blue boa and open shirt in Resident Alien episode 306.

“When they were starting up and asked me to join, they showed me the pilot, and I was just floored,” Hamilton recalled of the casting process. “It was beautiful, poignant, sweet… I loved the whole tone of it. Lovely, funny, character-driven, but asking some deep and meaningful questions, and handling them all in a beautiful, light way. We need a little more of that in the world."

Despite being a major fan of the series, Hamilton can no longer watch it. Like many people, she doesn't enjoy seeing and hearing herself onscreen — a pretty relatable feeling. How many times have you cringed at your appearance and the true sound of your voice when it's played back? "I get to read it, and I get to watch it at the table reads, but I just can’t bear looking at myself anymore," she concluded. "I just think … I don’t know. It’s all there. It’s done. What else is there to say? I just don’t like watching myself that much anymore."

How to Watch SYFY's Resident Alien

Want to catch up on the story so far? All three seasons of Resident Alien which hold an aggregate and near-perfect score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes  are now streaming on Peacock right here!

The Resident Alien fun will continue this June as Asta and Harry prepare for the birth of their child in a brand-new comic book storyline, subtitled The Book of Life, from writer Peter Hogan and artist Steve Parkhouse. Issue #1 hit stands via Dark Horse Wednesday, June 26.