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Stranger Things stars are ready to roll for a Dungeons & Dragons game on Netflix’s YouTube

By James Grebey
Stranger Things D&D

The heroes of Stranger Things have bested a Demogorgon from the Upside Down. But, how will they fare against other monsters and foes from Dungeons & Dragons, the iconic game from which the Netflix ghoul gets his namesake? On Dec. 18, four Stranger Things will play in a special holiday game of D&D that will be live-streamed on the show's YouTube channel.

David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), and Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) will form an adventuring party for the one-shot, which will be DMed by D&D's Principal Story Designer, Chris Perkins. The trailer for the special, titled "Lost Odyssey: Toy Time for Ten-Towns," doesn't reveal too much about the plot or what sorts of characters the foursome will be playing. It does, however, tease that their mission will be to "save Christmas." And, D&D buffs will note that Ten-Towns is an important location within the fiction of D&D, serving as the setting for the recent adventure module Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

This is hardly the first time D&D and Stranger Things, whose upcoming fourth season doesn't have a release date yet, have crossed paths. The kid characters of the Netflix show are avid D&D players (back in the '80s, before it was cool), and they named some of their foes from the Upside Down after some of the tabletop game's most iconic monsters, the Demogorgon and the Mind-Flayer — although both creatures on the show are very different from their Monster Manual counterparts. Wizards of the Coast has even released an official Stranger Things D&D starter set in 2019.

The upcoming special was filmed remotely, in accordance with social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Wizards of the Coast used SOLO Cinebot, a new sort of robotic camera to ensure that the players could be filmed in cinematic quality — in other words, it'll look better than your remote D&D game does over Zoom.

"Lost Odyssey: Toy Time for Ten-Towns" will be available to watch on Friday, Dec. 18, at 1PM ET on the Stranger Things YouTube channel.