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Who had the best kill in 'Studio 666'? Foo Fighters pick their favorite deaths from new horror flick

Studio 666 is a true horror-comedy, full of insanely funny and insanely gory kill scenes. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Studio 666 PRESS

A lot of folks don’t make it out alive in Studio 666, the new horror-comedy starring the Foo Fighters. That's to be expected in a horror movie, after all. And like many a horror fan, the members of the band each have their own personal favorite kill of a beloved co-star. 

SYFY WIRE interviewed Studio 666 director BJ McDonnell as well as took part in a roundtable with Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Rami Jaffee, and Nate Mendel. During those discussions, we asked what their favorite kill moments in the movie were (except for their own, where that was applicable). 

Read on to find out their answers. Though be warned! Spoilers for Studio 666 lie ahead. 

Studio 666 PRESS

It’s hard to pick a favorite of anything, much less a favorite kill scene if you’re a director of a horror movie. “I love each one, I don't know if I have a personal favorite,” McDonnell admitted to SYFY WIRE. 

McDonnell did share that there was one kill, however, that had some history behind it. That kill was Will Forte’s character — the delivery guy/wannabe rocker who gets his head clipped off with some pruning shears. “I did a similar thing in a Slayer video that I directed,” said McDonnell, referencing his work directing music videos for the thrash metal band. “When we did that Slayer video, the head just goes bloop,” he explained, gesturing with his hand to suggest the head fell off with little fanfare. “So when we got to actually redo this idea, we use the same setup but we cranked it so that it was really intense when we finally did the chop. It was redemption for our failed attempts when we did it on Slayer.”

Another memorable death is when Jaffee is sawed in half lengthwise while in the middle of making love with the groupie-next-door, played by Whitney Cummings. That death is understandably Jaffee’s favorite, though he did say that Hawkin’s death, where the drummer's head is cut in two and embedded into the wall after a demonic Grohl throws a cymbal his way, was his second favorite. 

Fellow Foo Fighter Nate Mendel had his own favorite moment. “I like [bandmate Pat Smear’s death] because his head gets run over and then it explodes and there’s smoke,” he said. 

“Does that happen? I mean in real life?” Grohl responded when Mendel shared his answer. 

“I've seen a couple of people's heads get run over and explode, and there hasn't been smoke,” Mendel jokingly replied. 

Grohl — the only Foo Fighter to survive in the film — then added that Mendel was his favorite kill in the movie. “I happen to like Nate’s kill, which is the knife through the bottom of the jaw and then up through the forehead,” he said. “It's a really good kill because of your expression.”

As for Hawkins, the drummer’s favorite kill had a culinary flair to it. “I like when Dave barbecued [Foo Fighter Chris] Shifflett,” he said. “That was creative and yet pertinent because Dave likes to barbecue.”

“I like to barbecue,” Grohl admitted. “Just not my friends.”

Studio 666 is now playing in theaters.