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Supergirl star Chyler Leigh teases ‘crazy’ series finale: ‘Have tissues, have popcorn, have tequila’

By Benjamin Bullard
Supergirl 608 Still

Kara and the rest of the gang don’t exactly have the luxury of boundless time to pause and reflect fondly on the past: they've majorly got their hands full in the here and now. So how in the multiverse do you wrap up six whole seasons of Supergirl when there’s still tons of unfinished business to take care of midway through the show’s final few episodes?

With tons of hankies and some liquid courage, for starters. Taking a spoiler-free peek at the remaining 12 episodes as Supergirl wends toward its series finale, star Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers, aka Sentinel, aka Supergirl’s adoptive sister) says you might as well just settle in and get ready to sob.

“We have all sorts of crazy things that come out at us,” Leigh recently told TV Line of Supergirl’s series-ending episodes. “Jon Cryer’s with us [as Lex Luthor] and we’ve had so many wonderful people come in as our Big Bad. There’s a lot to wrap up in the few episodes left, so just get ready. Have tissues, have popcorn, have tequila — whatever works for you. Just be ready.”

With Kara only recently getting a sisterly rescue from the Phantom Zone (where she reunited with her father), emotional homecomings are already a big theme as Season 6 picks up near its midpoint this week with an episode titled “Dream Weaver.” And thanks to all the precautionary production shuffles caused by COVID-1`9, stealing precious goodbye moments with the cast, said Leigh, has been a test for keeping those real-life, Arrowverse-departing emotions in check.

“We were a hot mess,” Leigh said of the cast’s final days on the Supergirl set. “Everybody’s crying. Everybody’s grateful and so appreciative…. Each day, you’re saying goodbye to somebody.”

Assembling the core old-school cast — Leigh, along with Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and David Harewood as J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter — for a proper production farewell almost didn’t happen as the show's schedule originally had Benoist as the last one left on the set. But, the report notes, the trio pushed to have the schedule tweaked so that they could all be together for a fitting sendoff. “It was all of the emotions,” Leigh confessed.

With some old familiar faces returning and plenty of emotions yet to unpack, will the series’ final dozen episodes feel like one extended tearjerker? Hardly, from Leigh’s not-too-spoiler-y tease of what’s actually in store on-screen. “S*** falls apart and they are dealing with crazy monsters and all sorts of stuff,” she teased.

Catch “Dream Weaver,” the ninth installment in Supergirl’s 20-episode farewell season, on Aug. 31 at The CW, with new episodes dropping each Tuesday ahead of the big (and probably emotional) series finale.