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WIRE Buzz: Superman & Lois sets Dylan Walsh as General Lane; Disney+ fixing Simpsons aspect ratios; more

By Jacob Oller
The Simpsons Fox

The CW’s straight-to-series Superman & Lois show has found its General Lane. Sam Lane, the tough-as-nails father of Lois and Lucy (with whom he has...complicated relationships) has been a fixture both in the comics and their TV adaptations. Glenn Morshower most recently played the role in Supergirl while Michael Ironside was hard to forget on Smallville. Now Dylan Walsh will take up the militaristic mantle.

Deadline reports that Walsh will be a series regular on Superman & Lois (which spins-off stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch to their own show from their various Arrowverse appearances) from writer/executive producer Todd Helbing (The Flash). Being a superheroic working couple that dabbles in world-saving and world-class reporting is tough even without a stress-inducing father-in-law.

The role is described as being an Army general that, no surprise, values work over family and aims to keep his country safe from “all threats – from this world or beyond.” That means Kryptonians. Better lay low, Clark.

Superman & Lois will go directly into series production on its 13-episode first season as soon as TV production kicks back up again after the coronavirus pandemic's delay.

Next, the wrath of The Simpsons fandom might find itself assuaged for now. Fans of the long-running, legendary animated show have had to see its comedic antics warped and squished on its various distribution platforms — sometimes even at the cost of visual gags that were cut off at the edges of the screen. Now, however, they’ve gotten some assurances from its streaming home: The Simpsons in its original aspect ratio.

Disney+, where the show streams, had originally shown the show in a cropped 16:9 format. After much criticism from fans online, the service has committed to making the backlogs of the series available in its original, uncropped 4:3 ratio.

Take a look:

Disney seems to have just been using the versions of the show aired on FXX, which transferred over to the streamer after its massive Fox acquisition. This new move seems to be acting on a promise that Disney+ made back in November. Soon, fans will be able to choose how they’ll watch The Simpsons: without black bars, or with all its jokes intact.

Finally, there’ve been some oddball internet challenges (even before coronavirus locked everyone inside to develop cabin fever), but the new one from Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, may take the cake. The thirsty workout silliness is all about putting on a shirt, upside-down, while doing a handstand. Obviously everyone is taking it very seriously and not as an opportunity to ogle the shirtless bodies of the greater superhero world.

Here’s Holland’s attempt:

Which inspired his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star Jake Gyllenhaal:

And challenged Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds:

Of course Reynolds broke the chain — and in the perfect Deadpool deadpan: “No.” Will any other hyper-muscled superhero actors attempt to get dressed for fans’ amusement? Kumail Nanjiani, perhaps? As everyone self-isolates, it’s only a matter of time and boredom.