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Young Superman takes on Lobo in first trailer for new DC animated film 'Man of Tomorrow'

By Jacob Oller
Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Superman: Man of Tomorrow, the animated film featuring the debut of Darren Criss as the voice of young Clark Kent, is the latest entry into the massive Warner Bros. Animation universe. But this isn't another story of an established hero facing down yet another series of baddies, nor a reimagined version of a hero with a warped origin: this is Superman as he started, with Kent trying out his powers to fight for justice.

The quintessential DC superhero has already made his escape from Krypton, but in the first trailer for Man of Tomorrow, fans can watch as the interstellar immigrant figures out how to become the Man of Steel.

Featuring Kent as an intern at the Daily Planet — where he meets Lois Lane (Alexandra Daddario), of course — the plot centers around a Metropolis invasion by Lobo (Ryan Hurst) and Parasite (Brett Dalton). Oh, and Lex Luthor (Zachary Quinto) is there too, because no Superman story would be complete otherwise. The first footage from the film shows off plenty of heroes, action, and early-days costumes from the familiar hero.

Take a look:

Kal-El of Krypton is here to stay, Earthlings.

Directed by Chris Palmer (Voltron: Legendary Defender) from a script by Tim Sheridan (The Death of Superman), Superman: Man of Tomorrow boasts a fun art style that's closer to a cel-shaded Archer-esque look than some of the other WB animated films — perfect for a throwback story of superhero origin. Expect plenty of action from Superman and his alien adversaries, sure, but also from the unanticipated ally Martian Manhunter (Ike Amadi).

The cast is rounded out by Neil Flynn, Bellamy Young, Cristina Milizia, Eugene Byrd, April Stewart, Piotr Michael, Cissy Jones, and David Chen.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow hits Digital, 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD later this summer.