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SYFY WIRE Jared Padalecki

WIRE Buzz: Supernatural undelayed by arrest; Lucifer splits final season; more

By Jacob Oller
Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki Supernatural

Though the final Supernatural season has already broken loose from its bonds and begun running rampant on an unsuspecting world, that doesn’t mean production is completed on the seemingly never-ending CW series. In fact, Supernatural’s 15th season is about halfway through its 20-episode production — meaning that star Jared Padalecki’s recent Oct. 27th arrest may be worrying fans focused on punctuality.

Never fear, however, as Deadline reports that the Austin bar fight and Padalecki’s subsequent detention will not affect the production schedule of the show. The Texas resident was on break from the show’s Vancouver set when the arrest occurred and he’s currently not in police custody after having a $5,000 bond set. 

Since all these legal troubles happened while Padalecki was on break from work, and the actor still isn’t due back on set until later this week, the ballad of Sam and Dean Winchester can keep rolling through making the end of its final season.

Supernatural began airing its final season on Oct. 10 and The CW will air its next episode, "Atomic Monsters," on Nov. 7.

Next, Lucifer is changing up its final season yet again. The fan-saved show about the literal sexy underworld and its denizens was originally scheduled to end on Fox. Instead, it was resurrected on Netflix and had its fifth and final season bolstered to a beefy 16 episodes. Now even more changes are coming: Lucifer’s last hurrah will come to fans in two parts.

Revealed in a set visit video from Kelly Clarkson featuring star Tom Ellis, the team confirms that “Season 5 of Lucifer is going to be split into two halves.” Take a look:

“Netflix is going to drop eight episodes, there’s going to be a little break, and then they’re going to drop another eight more episodes,” the actor said.

Now fans don’t just lack a release date — they lack two release dates. But waiting can be such a sinful pleasure. Lucifer fans will likely enjoy the extra love the show’s creative team is able to give to the finale’s back half when it’s finally released on the streaming service.

Finally, a new animated show is headed to Comedy Central’s digital platform — and it sounds completely absurd. According to Deadline, Loafy, a comedy from creator/star Bobby Moynihan about a drug dealer manatee, got an eight-episode season order from the comedy-focused network.

Loafy sounds like a combination of Breaking Bad, BoJack Horseman, and Madagascar, as Loafy runs an illicit empire from his NYC zoo water tank. Will he end up having a friend voiced by Aaron Paul? It seems likely. Steve Elliott, VP of digital original development for Comedy Central, said in a statement that “clearly, now more than ever, the world needs a weed-dealing manatee and more Bobby Moynihan – not necessarily in that order.”

Loafy does not yet have a release date.