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SurrealEstate & Wynonna Earp Star Tim Rozon Talks Gardening(?!) in Fun Instagram Post

"Welcome to the Green Thumb Gardening Show, I'm your host, Tim Rozon," the SurrealEstate actor jokes. 

By Gina Salamone
SURREALESTATE "A House Is Not A Home" Episode 104 Tim Rozon Nick Roman

Tim Rozon is taking a break from selling haunted homes on SurrealEstate to host his own gardening show — or, at least, pretend to. The Canadian actor shared a funny clip to Instagram in which he's sporting gardening gloves and watering plants.

"Oh hey, welcome to the Green Thumb Gardening Show, I'm your host, Tim Rozon," he jokes in the video, before adding, "Just kidding." Rozon, who also starred as Doc Holliday on SYFY's supernatural Western show Wynonna Earp, goes on to share that he'll be taking part in Earp Division Expo, a convention for Wynonna Earp fans taking place July 7 through 9 in Niagara Falls, New York. 

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"Come by, say hi, we're gonna do all kinds of fun stuff and events," Rozon says. "And we can always talk gardening — you know, the pros and cons of putting tubers in bags, boxes or beds. I think I'm a bag man." Melanie Scrofano, Kat Barrell, Greg Lawson, Michael Eklund and Kate Drummond are some of the other Wynonna Earp stars listed as taking part in the convention.

Watch Tim Rozon talk gardening, Wynonna Earp fan convention:

If you can't make it to Niagara Falls to catch Rozon at the convention, not to worry, you'll soon be able to see him back on another SYFY series. The channel announced in April that a second season of the show — which features Rozon as Luke Roman, the boss at a real estate company that deals with possessed homes — would return later this year.

"The Roman Agency is ready for more listings ... Prepare for more chills, thrills, and houses when #SurrealEstate returns this summer," SYFY tweeted at the time the Season 2 trailer was released. Rozon seems equally excited for the next installment, telling Digital Journal in April: "I can’t wait for people to see what we did in Season 2. I am reunited with my Schitt’s Creek co-star Sarah Levy. That cast is such a good group and we have new people coming on the show this year."

If you need to catch up on or rewatch the first season of SurrealEstate, it's now streaming on Netflix.

And if you need your fix of shows involving supernatural hauntings before SurrealEstate returns, check out Paranormal Witness, now streaming on Peacock.