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'Astrid & Lilly' try to cancel the high school dance to save the world in exclusive clip from season finale

Teenagers' love for partying outweighs their moral fear of inter-dimensional monsters.

By Josh Weiss
Astrid & Lilly Try to Cancel the Dance to Save Everyone in Season Finale

Teenagers love to party and if said partying conflicts with a murderous monster from another plane of existence...well, too frickin' bad. The party goes on whether the world is ending or not. Put that in your varsity jacket and smoke it. That's how the saying goes, right?

Youthful apathy is the central problem facing Astrid (Jana Morrison) and Lilly (Samantha Aucoin) in SYFY WIRE's exclusive first look at the season finale of Astrid & Lilly Save the World (Episode 10 is titled "Guts"). Pine Academy is excitedly gearing up for the big annual dance, which shouldn't be taking place because... you know... the whole monster thing. Only problem is no one — not even adults in positions of authority — is willing to listen to our heroes' dire warnings. To make matters worse, Astrid and Lilly have been banned from attending the shindig, which tells us they'll probably have to sneak back into the building somehow once the sun dips below the horizon.

Yeah, they'll be attending the dance come hell or high water. We even got a look at their evening outfits, courtesy of the show's official Twitter account, which wrote: "Oh did we mention that everyone’s gonna look super hot in the finale?"

"I would say the thing that excites me the most about the series is definitely the scenes where we get to face the monsters or the inter-dimensional demon," Aucoin told Bleeding Cool in a recent interview. "I think that aspect of filming the show what what excited me the most about filming it and then getting to go back and watch it all kind of play out. And getting to see all the special effects and the makeup and everything, I feel like that excited me the most when I'm watching it. It's a really cool experience getting to watch it all back."

The debut season of Astrid & Lilly Save the World wraps up tonight on SYFY at 10 p.m. ET. All 10 episodes will be available to stream on the SYFY app starting tomorrow — Thursday, March 31. Click here for more Astrid & Lilly goodness.