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Exclusive: Evil spirit pulls a horror home invasion in Isabelle sneak peek

By Benjamin Bullard
Zoe Belkin as a ghost in horror movie Isabelle

A family tragedy turns supernaturally horrific for a once-happy couple trying to find their way in Isabelle, the upcoming horror movie from Vertical Entertainment, and SYFY WIRE has the hookup with an exclusive sneak peek at just how close to home the scares can get.

Matt Kane (Shazam!'s Adam Brody) and his pregnant wife Larissa (Amanda Crew) have just moved to a peaceful New England suburb, but their spinsterly next door neighbor (Sheila McCarthy) doesn’t exactly appear to be rolling out the welcome mat. After Larissa’s pregnancy takes a turn and she endures a near-death experience during the emergency, it only signals the beginning of the horror that’s still to come.

Turns out, Larissa’s brush with the afterlife has left her extra-sensitive to the spirits that still stalk this world, and it just so happens that her sinister neighbor is harboring a spectral secret of her own: a long-dead daughter whose name — you guessed it — was Isabelle (Zoe Belkin).

When the neighbor strikes a devil’s bargain to bring her daughter back, no matter the cost, it proves harrowing for the Kane household as Isabelle’s ghost brings her own evil agenda across the spirit plane. The frantic couple becomes her target, and their paranoia turns to outright panic as they realize they’re being haunted in their own home. 

The filmmakers say there are definite Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby vibes in store, so we’ve got our robo-vacs on standby to clean up all the popcorn we’ll be spilling when the jump scares start coming fast and furious. Directed by Robert Heydon, Isabelle materializes for VOD platforms and in limited theatrical release beginning May 24.