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SYFY WIRE Guillermo del Toro

Taylor Swift wants to trade lives with Guillermo del Toro, and now she’s making her first film

We should've known "All Too Well" this news was coming.

By Trent Moore
Guillermo Del Toro; Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has already pretty much conquered the music world, and now she’s setting her sights on the movie industry. We don’t know what she’s making just yet, but we are pretty fond of one of her film idols she aims to channel.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Swift made the interesting connection that — if she could pull a Freaky Friday with anyone in the world — she’d choose filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. The main reason? To get inside his wildly creative head for a while.

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“Imagine having that imagination, that visual vocabulary and that astonishing body of work. To have such a diverse storytelling range but to somehow put your distinctive artistic fingerprint on every film,” she told THR. “And yet, it feels like he’s still so curious and enthusiastic about his work.”

Not to be content thinking about what it’d be like to be a filmmaker, Swift has landed a film deal with Searchlight Pictures to make her first feature film. The story will come from an original script put together by Swift, with the film produced by the acclaimed production house that brought the world films like 28 Days Later and Birdman.

Even cooler? It seems del Toro also is a big fan of Swift, including her film projects she’s launched in connection to her musical career, directing short films, etc. that have landed plenty of acclaim from Swifties and general film fans alike.

“I have the greatest admiration for her; we had one of the most stimulating and gratifying conversations,” del Toro said via W Magazine. “We have many, many common interests. And her interest in fable and myth and the origins of fairy tale is quite deep. I gave her a few books that I thought would be interesting for her —among them, very importantly, a book that was useful for me in creating Pan’s Labyrinth called The Science of Fairy Tales, which codifies and talks about fairy tale lore.”

So what is Swift’s film about? We don’t know, but it doesn’t seem to crazy to think it might dabble in some genre elements, considering her interests in del Toro’s catalog. We’d also wager it’ll deal with heartbreak, at least judging by Swift’s laundry list of No. 1 hits.

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