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TCA 2019: Hulu sets premiere dates for The Handmaid's Tale, Into The Dark

By Tara Bennett
Elisabeth Moss The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Hulu

It's Hulu's day at the TCA 2019 Winter tour and Hulu’s Senior Vice President of Originals, Craig Erwich, revealed the return date of Season 3 of their dystopian hit, The Handmaid's Tale, and the titles of the next two holiday-themed Hulu's Into The Dark movies. 

Dubbed as the season of June’s resistance, The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 will drop for the first time in the month of June, on the 5, with three new episodes from its 13-episode season order. Subsequent episodes will drop on Wednesdays only on Hulu. The show has quickly become a signature series for Hulu, as the storyline has moved beyond the book that inspired it to become an acclaimed political allegory all its own — while still being loaded with great storytelling, of course.

The Handmaid's Tale: Season 3 Teaser (Super Bowl Commercial)

And Hulu's ongoing partnership with Blumhouse Television, Hulu’s Into The Dark, will celebrate April Fools’ Day and Mother’s Day. 

I’m Just F*cking With You will arrive on Friday, April 5 and stars Keir O’Donnell, Hayes MacArthur and Jessica McNamee, written by Gregg Zehenter & Scott Barkan and directed by Adam Mason. 

All That We Destroy drops on Friday, May 3, and boasts a cast including Samantha Mathis, Israel Broussard, Aurora Perrineau, Dora Madison and Frank Whaley. The film is written by Sean Keller and Jim Agnew and directed by Chelsea Peters.

With those releases, that will leave four more titles to come before the full cycle of films released in a year comes to an end.