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Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey opens up about revival movie: 'I'm excited to see them age and get out of high school'

By Nivea Serrao
Scott Teen Wolf

Ever since it was announced that Paramount+ will be reviving Teen Wolf in the form of a movie, fans have been wondering which of the original cast members will be back reprising their roles. After all, it wouldn't be Beacon Hills without most every member of the pack present. 

Well, one thing is for certain: former series star Tyler Posey is definitely returning to play Scott McCall. And as he told Entertainment Weekly, he's more than excited to return. 

"I'm just excited to play this character again," said Posey of the character he portrayed for the show's entire 100-episode run. "I miss him, I love him." 

However, Scott won't be exactly like fans remember him, as creator Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds) wants to age the characters up. This means that Scott will no longer be a teen, though he does retain his status as a True Alpha. 

"We were in high school for what seemed like 10 years," said Posey. "I'm excited to see them age and get out of high school. High school was such a character in itself on the show, so I'm excited to see how it's going to be without that sort of character of a school involved. It will be interesting." 

And while fans might have their own wishlists of what they'd like to see happen in the movie, it turns out that Posey has a few things he'd like to see showcased as well: namely the bond between Scott and his best friend, Stiles (played by The Maze Runner's Dylan O'Brien). 

"What really carried the show were the relationships, mostly between my character and [Dylan]'s," said Posey. "That to me is what really carried the show and what made people fall in love with it. And then we got to have a lot of fun on top of that with the supernatural element, the romantic element, the horror. I think as long as we have the element of a really great relationship, whether it's friends or romantic, then everything else kind of falls into place."

The movie will see Scott return to Beacon Hills to face off against the deadliest enemy yet (though we don't know what that is just yet). This means he'll have to use his hopefully much-honed Alpha skills to rally together all his old friends and find some new allies so they can vanquish it once and for all — or at least until a second movie or a new show. 

The Teen Wolf movie will hit Paramount+ in 2022.