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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Resistance

Tensions run higher than ever on this week's Star Wars Resistance

By Preeti Chhibber & Swapna Krishna
Star Wars Resistance 2x11 2

In "Station to Station" — easily the season’s most tense episode — several major players are all on the same refueling station this week: Kaz and Neeku have infiltrated the First Order’s station to get a much-needed part for the Colossus, Tam and Rucklin have been sent there on a supply run, and golden armored Commander Pyre and General Hux are meeting with other First Order officers.

It’s a whirlwind of an episode where the suspense never quits — can Kaz and Neeku make it back to the Colossus okay? Will Tam finally come to her senses?

Warning: This recap will contain spoilers for Season 2, Episode 11 of Star Wars Resistance.


Preeti: Legitimately gasped out loud three times in the first five minutes, and then had to pause it because I was so stressed out.

Swapna: I feel like this is the episode we’ve been waiting for from Resistance. It raised the stakes and forced Tam to take action.

Preeti: It brought in the bigger picture and fight that we know is out there but in a very Resistance way. This was the best-paced episode they’ve had all season… I think a lesser show would have created the set up needed for Kaz and Neeku to be on the Titan, but because we came in through Tam’s perspective, her near-recognition of Kaz actually kind of shot through my heart.

Swapna: For real. I really enjoyed seeing that first scene from Tam’s perspective. You could feel her heart leap when she thought she recognized Kaz, and then see her process that he’s not her friend anymore, that they’re on opposite sides. That’s a lot of work to do with voice acting, and it was done very well.

Preeti: It was. This really is the episode I’ve wanted for Tam all season. This, more than anything, has shown her the difference between someone who believes in the cutthroat nature of the Order (Rucklin) and someone who doesn’t.

Star Wars Resistance 2x11 1

Swapna: I’ll admit it; when Rucklin sold them out, I cackled gleefully. Sometimes you don’t want redemption for characters, and it was very satisfying to see him lean into being a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, douche canoe.

Preeti: I genuinely can never remember Rucklin’s name because we just call him the Douche Canoe and never has he earned that moniker more than here. When faced with the potential demise of an entire base, he happily gives them up. You're right, I’m glad that there’s no redemption for him. Not everyone can or should be redeemed.

Swapna: And what about that surprise appearance from General Hux? I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.

Preeti: THAT’S WHEN I HAD TO PAUSE I WAS LIKE OH NOOOOO. It took me back to the end of the first season when Resistance hardcore butts up against The Force Awakens and Tora and Kaz see Starkiller Base in action. (Also shout-out to Ben Prendergast who voiced Hux in this episode because I a thousand percent thought they brought Domhnall Gleeson in to do it.)

Star Wars Resistance 2x11 5

Swapna: Going back to what you said about the setup, the First Order is right in one thing: The Colossus is in bad shape. Because this story was told from Tam’s point of view at the beginning, we didn’t see the desperation that forced Doza to greenlight this mission. But you know that things are getting pretty dire, and something’s going to have to give.

Preeti: The fact that he and Yeager would send Kaz, Neeku, and CB-23 on a mission into enemy territory by themselves is huge and terrifying. The emphasis on desperation at the end of the episode really got to me. They repeat it several times, and I think we see that desperation growing not just on the Colossus but in Tam as well. What is that going to look like when they both finally break?

Swapna: Tam finally made the decision to help her friends, which is the first step toward reuniting with them in my book. The question is whether Tierny, Pyre, and the others in the First Order know what she’s up to.

Star Wars Resistance 2x11 3

Preeti: I’m not sure they know exactly, but they know Tam's resolve and commitment to the Order are weak, and they’ll exploit that connection she still feels for her friends. This was a hiccup on behalf of the Order, but one that they’ll clearly learn from.

Two things I wanted to bring up: the first is Hux’s use of the Supreme Leader, we’re still not sure who he means here. Could be Snoke, could be Kylo Ren. I’m not sure how I feel about the deliberate obfuscation of the timeline, but I understand why they’re doing it.

And then the other is how completely Amazing Rebel Spy Kaz was on this mission! He shot two Stormtroopers point-blank!

Swapna: I interpreted this story as taking place post-The Last Jedi because we basically have Hux accounted for during the bulk of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. For him to have time to get away, it seems like the Supreme Leader has to be Kylo Ren at this point, and we’re now in uncharted waters.

And agreed about Kaz! We’ve discussed how he’s coming into his own this season, and it was really on display this episode.

Did you notice how differently the First Order Stormtroopers treated Neeku versus Kaz?

Star Wars Resistance 2x11 4

Preeti: Kaz was a threat! Which makes sense considering how few hostile missions Neeku has been on, but still, they know Kaz’s name. Although, I’ll admit I laughed out loud when Hux was like who????????!!!!!!!

Swapna: Oh my god, I did too!! I laughed OUT LOUD at an embarrassing volume!

Also, I interpreted the Kaz versus Neeku thing as First Order members not being used to seeing/employing aliens.

Preeti: That’s also true! We haven’t seen any in the employ of the Order except for that character that infiltrated the Colossus and charmed Neeku. The closest the Order seems to come to hiring aliens is on a freelance basis.

Swapna: Yep, agreed. All in all, this was a great episode, and it will be interesting to see how things unfold between Tam and the First Order going forward.