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'The Ark' co-creator Jonathan Glassner says he 'could write a whole show' on the subject of cloning

Three cheers for genetic engineering!

The Ark Season 1 Episode 4

Following that major reveal about Lt. Sharon Garnet (Christie Burke) on Episode 4 of SYFY's The Ark, series co-creator Jonathan Glassner feels like he "could write a whole show" on the subject of cloning.

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"You can do a lot to genes," he explained on this week's installment of the official after-show. "We're getting to the point now where we can make somebody stronger or choose their hair color. It's very controversial and so, we kind of played on how it became even more controversial ... It's kind of fascinating world and it's gonna change our world. It already is, all these new cancer cures are coming out because of genetic engineering. They know which genes do what and they're learning more and more about other ones. They're gonna be able to do this and it's not gonna take a hundred years."

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During a separate interview, Burke revealed that each cast member on the show received different snippets of the full story just before principal photography began in Serbia. As such, only she was the only individual aware of Lt. Garnet's big secret.

"I found out pretty early," she said. "Jonathan Glassner told me she has a sister, she's a clone — and that Garnet has this darkness to her as well, which is probably what she feels is her sister's issue. I thought [it] was really cool because I think we have these reactions in real life where we're like, 'Oh, that's mom' or 'That's my dad.' Depending on if you have a great relationship with them or not, it might be something you don't like about yourself. It might be something that makes you very shameful and I felt like I could really relate to this idea of having a darkness within you that you don't really understand and you're scared to be a different version of yourself that maybe is quite toxic or volatile. Not that I'm that, but I think I could understand what that might feel like, dealing with that unknown secret."

Watch the full Episode 4 after-show below:

After The Ark: Episode 4

Glassner (whose resume includes Stargate SG-1) created the small screen project alongside genre royalty, Dean Devlin (Independence DayGodzilla). The co-showrunners serve as executive producers with Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson. Jonathan English and Steve Lee are producers.

The Ark airs on SYFY every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET. New episodes are available to stream on Peacock the day after they premiere. 

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