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The best news, reveals and surprises of NYCC 2019


Whether you couldn't see everything at this year's New York Comic Con, because it was more ginormous than ever, or could only be there in spirit, you can still get in on the best of the con.

SYFY WIRE's Jordan Carlos, Jackie Jennings, and Caitlin Busch went through everything awesome there was to see at the Javits Center for the past four days and were somehow able to narrow down all the cosplay, news, and unexpected moments that happened at the con. Like the proposal at the Outlander panel. That really happened. Isn't it kind of an unwritten law that there has to be a proposal at every Outlander panel?

By the way, the guy who did that even called his new fiancée "Sassenach."

Cosplay at this con is usually so amazing that it's almost impossible to pick out any more than a hundred costumes at any given time. There was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle — the ultimate genre mashup — which could only have been better with sunglasses.

Going off TMNT, someone actually cosplayed Krang in his robo-contraption. The actual human’s face was Krang (pink, tentacles and all). He was just carrying around the rest of the humanoid contraption on his shoulders.

There was also a ginormous Groot who has actually been roaming the con for several years now, if it really is the same cosplayer under all that plastic piping painted to look so realistically like alien wood. Could Baby Groot ever happen? It would probably be a challenge dressing up a toddler in that costume and expecting said toddler to endure an entire day of the con.

Because Picard has been buzzed about ever since the Star Trek: The Next Generation spinoff was announced, it should be no surprise that the Picard trailer drop was the most newsworthy thing that happened all week. It's just slightly disturbing that Data has apparently been dismantled and hanging out in a drawer for a while.

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This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.