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The Boys' showrunner posts photo of blood-soaked cast on set of season 2

By James Comtois
Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 7.22.14 PM

The creators of the hit show The Boys are wasting no time getting its second season off the ground. Eric Kripke, showrunner for the massively popular ultraviolent deconstructionist superhero action series, took to social media on Saturday to post the first photo on the set of the second season. And if the picture is any indication of where the show is going, The Boys' second season is promising to be just as blood-soaked (and hostile) as its first.

"A small token for #TheBoysTV fans," wrote Kripke on Twitter above a photo of the showrunner along with cast members Tomer Kapon (Frenchie), Karen Fukuhara (Female), Jack Quaid (Hughie), and Laz Alonso (Mother's Milk). "World's first pic of #Season2. As you can see, we're up to our old tricks. If you haven't seen, JOIN US. Streaming now on @PrimeVideo."

The actors are all covered in fake blood, and everyone, including Kripke, are giving the viewer the finger. So fans can rest assured that the creative team has neither lost its edge nor will it hold back for Season 2.

Amazon Studios has gone all-in on the series, greenlighting a second season for The Boys before the show even premiered.

Based on the subversive comic written by Garth Ennis with art by Darick RobertsonThe Boys takes place in a world in which superheroes are real but aren't as heroic as they appear in their press appearances. So it's up to a covert group (the eponymous Boys) to expose the Supes for the frauds and criminals that they really are.

The first season of The Boys in all its blood-soaked depravity is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.