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SYFY WIRE Roswell New Mexico

The cast of Roswell, New Mexico has a drinking game to to enhance your viewing experience

By Jessica Toomer

Over on the CW, there’s a lovely little show called Roswell, New Mexico.

It’s a drama that pairs topical issues like immigration, racial profiling, and healthcare with hot alien cowboys and wide-reaching military cover-ups and science labs and antidotes and makeshift space ships hidden in caves.

In other words, it’s got it all.

The show’s a reboot of the cult teen drama Roswell, but it veers off in new and interesting ways from the path laid by its predecessor. The characters are older, the main heroine is a scientist investigating the death of her sister, the most swoon-worthy ship isn’t between the heterosexual leads but a bisexual bad-boy and his ex-military lover. It’s inventive and relative and the kind of show that can easily suck you in if you’re not careful, but what makes the series truly fun is watching it with its cast.

Sure, a lot of actors live-watch their own shows. It’s a great way to drum up engagement and ratings, but no cast goes harder than Roswell, New Mexico.

The crew goes so hard in fact, that the show’s star, the unfairly talented Jeanine Mason, has even created her own drinking game. Because, as every scientist worth their salt knows, mixing alcohol and aliens is a recipe for a damn good time.

Mason, who plays Liz Ortecho, the love interest of alien-sheriff Max Evans (Nathan Dean Parsons), crafted a show-watching ritual that requires copious amounts of wine and a good sense of humor. Because, as thought-provoking and boundary-pushing as Roswell, New Mexico is, it does still exist on the CW which means there’s a healthy dose of melodrama and love triangles and ridiculous hijinks to wade through.

That’s part of the charm, and all of the fun when it comes to drinking games.

We thought, before the show’s season finale, that we’d break down the rules of this boozy live-watch so audiences just tuning in can have some fun catching up on all the action.

Get your livers ready, because this is how true fans watch Roswell, New Mexico.

Rule #1: Sip Anytime Someone Says “Rosa”

Rosa is Liz Ortecho’s dead sister. She was murdered and framed for the deaths of two other young women by a surprising villain. She’s the reason Liz returns home so many years later and she’ll also be the reason you get sloshed within the first five minutes of each episode. The town of Roswell is practically obsessed with Rosa and they love to debate how she died, why she died, and who’s responsible in every scene.

The advice in following this rule is to sip, not gulp or swallow or chug because we can’t be responsible for what happens if you don’t.

Rule #2: Drink Anytime Someone Makes “Love Eyes”

We’ve mentioned there are some smoking hot aliens on this show, right? Good, because that goes a long way in explaining the amount of panty-dropping looks and puppy-dog eyes that are exchanged over the course of this show’s first season. Sheriff Max Evans is hopelessly in love with Liz Ortecho — he declares his undying devotion practically every episode — and his alien sibling Michael Guerin (Michael Vlamis) is hung up on his high school sweetheart Alex Manes (Tyler Blackburn). We’re fairly certain Mason and Parsons invented the word “chemistry” and Vlamis and Blackburn are the ship we wouldn’t hesitate to go down with so the chances of getting tipsy from this drinking game rule alone are very high.

Rule #3: Toss One Back For Brooding

Fun fact: Roswell, New Mexico has taught us that aliens are as angsty as hormonal teenagers live-journaling to a My Chemical Romance playlist. Their brood game is strong so you’ve got to prepare yourself for this drinking caveat. Pacing is key here, as is paying attention any time Michael Guerin, Max Evans, or Alex Manes are on screen.

Guerin wields his airstream-orphan vibe like a damn weapon, Evans is more of the “hate myself for loving you” type, and Manes has serious daddy issues. By themselves each of these men could give Edward Cullen a run for his money but together, they’re lethal to your liver.

Rule #4: Did Someone Say “Alien”? Drink!

It’s completely unfair to have the word “alien” be a catalyst to drink while playing a drinking game watching a show about aliens, but you know what, life is unfair. And that holds true for life in Roswell, New Mexico as well. In fact, it might be easier to look at this particular drinking rule as a sort of gift. If you tune into this show you’ll be forced to suffer through countless longing looks and heartbreaking revelations and the devastating cry-face of Nathan Dean Parsons. None of that is fair. Maybe being drunk off you’re a** will help you push through it?

Bonus Rules

Here’s where things get murky in the Roswell, New Mexico drinking game universe. The rules above are mainstays, they normally don’t change from week to week, but with the evolution of the show, the expanding of each character’s arc, come amendments to the live-watch rulebook.

Over the course of the season, the cast has added extra incentives to drink, like pointing out antennas or Michael Guerin’s love of cowboy hats or the heavy use of flashback sequences.

The choice of whether to follow these rules is entirely personal. If four is enough to get your buzz on while enjoying dusty alien sex, dramatic cliffhangers, and subplots about extraterrestrial wars then feel free to stop there.

But, if you want to live on the edge, to take a risk, then follow one of the cast members for ways you can take your own live-watch to the next level.

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