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The saga of 'The 100' is officially over as The CW axes plans for long-developing prequel

The project began as backdoor pilot during the show's seventh and final season.

By Josh Weiss
The 100 Still

The CW's prequel to The 100 has officially run out of steam. According to a report from Deadline, the sci-fi project — which started off as a backdoor pilot in the main show's seventh and final season — will not be moving forward at the network after two years of development from series creator, executive producer, and showrunner Jason Rothenberg.

The spinoff would have taken place about a century (very fitting) before the events of the show that birthed it. "It starts with the end of the world, a nuclear apocalypse that wipes out most of the human population on Earth, and follows a band of survivors on the ground as they learn to cope in a dangerous world while fighting to create a new and better society from the ashes of what came before," read the logline provided by Deadline at the time.

In addition, the plan was to concurrently run the prequel on The CW and HBO Max. Until May of this year, things seemed very promising with CW President Mark Pedowitz stating that the show was "not done in any way, shape or form" during a call with members of the press. “The discussions are still happening," he added.

Iola Evans, Adain Bradley, and Leo Howard starred in the backdoor pilot, but the actors' options with the network and Warner Bros. Television (co-producers of the mothership title) reportedly expired over a year ago.

"They asked me to develop a prequel, and there were several different avenues that we could have gone down," Rothenberg said last fall during an interview with "My initial thought was, Llet's do it in space where, as we know, the Ark is coming together at this time. All the ancestors of our protagonist in the original show from the original 100 are up in space.' But then this became kind of ... We keyed it into what the prequel should be because it made more sense for the story we were telling in Season 7."

Chatting with Hypable, the creator revealed that the prequel would have been, if picked up, titled The 100: Second Dawn.

"Certainly there would be a lot of continuity on the writing staff, but it wouldn’t be the same staff," he said. "There has been turnover every single season, and I think it’s important to get new perspectives and fresh voices and add them into the long-time talent in the room. But yeah, Ed Fraiman would be our producing director. There would be a lot of continuity on set for sure, if they’ll have us."

The 100 wrapped up its final season last September on The CW.